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Mindscope Staffing and Recruitment Software includes innovative sourcing features
to help you grow a talent pool and make placements faster than the competition.

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Made Simple

Mindscope’s powerful search functionality provides advanced features in an intuitive interface.

Search your entire database in seconds. Whether you’re filtering candidate lists based on basic info such as candidate name or conducting more advanced searches that filter candidates based on specific criteria including skills, salary expectations, and proximity to job location – Mindscope makes it quick and easy. 


  • Boolean Search feature allows users to combine search criteria for more accurate results
  • Skill tagging helps identify qualified candidates for specific roles
  • Match candidates to open jobs (and vice versa) using the Job Match and Candidate Match features
  • Columns within Client and Candidate Lists can be searched individually
  • Search settings can be saved for future use
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Parse From
Anywhere, Anytime


Shazaam Google Chrome Add-On

Capture information from anywhere on the web and parse it into your ATS and recruiting CRM with the click of a button. Create or update candidate and/or client records, then optionally assign the information to a job order – growing your talent pool has never been easier!


Import Via Email

Mindscope’s Outlook Plugin empowers users to parse resumes and other attachments into the ATS and recruiting CRM, directly from their email account! Recruiters can also forward emails to in order to create or update a candidate record with the attached document.


Data Import Tool

Quickly and easily create hundreds of candidate, client, and client contact records using .csv files. Not only can you map data into a variety of fields, but you are also able to save the mapping templates for future use and share them with fellow recruiters. Users can also import leads and use them for sales campaigns.

Duplicate Checker

Our staffing and recruitment software has been developed with a sophisticated duplicate checker.

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Post Jobs Online

Ensure your jobs are easy to find by posting them to major job boards as well as on your very own SEO-enhanced careers page.

Integrate With Major Recruitment Websites

Mindscope provides seamless integration
with Indeed recruitment services:

Indeed Apply

Indeed Apply integration provides a candidate-friendly application experience on Indeed, and increases likelihood of being clicked on by 30% compared to non-Indeed Apply jobs.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs

Mindscope’s data feed supports Indeed Sponsored Jobs, which are 4.5x likely to result in a hire.

Indeed is the world’s #1 job site, with 300 million global unique visitors every month and sites in over 60 countries. By providing access to great talent from all different fields, Indeed helps employers of all sizes find and hire the right talent for them.

Mindscope’s Technical Support Team takes care of the entire Indeed integration process to ensure a smooth transition

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Post to Your Website’s Branded, SEO-Enhanced
Job Board

Mindscope offers a revolutionary API job board integration for the websites of leading staffing and recruitment agencies. Drive candidate traffic to your website with SEO-friendly job listings that are automatically formatted for Google Jobs to ensure that you receive job applications before the competition.

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Stay Organized With a User-Friendly Candidate Pipeline

Effortlessly select and move viable candidates through a clearly mapped hiring process to create an immaculate pipeline of qualified talent. Mindscope allows users to apply sophisticated assessment criteria to narrow down the candidate pool within minutes, ensuring that only the best applicants become placements.

Keep candidates in the loop

Efficiently engage with candidates via text, email and AI-powered communication tools – all seamlessly connected to your Mindscope ATS. Our integrations enable you to contact hundreds of contacts at once and automatically record responses within the relevant candidate profiles.

SMS text messages

Mindscope’s two-way SMS texting feature enables you to send and receive text messages directly from your database using a uniquely assigned phone number. Send up to 500 text messages at once and have all communications automatically tracked within the corresponding candidate record.


Mindscope’s innovative Outlook Plug-in allows you to automatically sync inbound and/or outbound emails with your ATS and recruiting CRM. Mass email campaigns can be set up in minutes, reaching out to hundreds of candidates at once.

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