Communication and Automation

Finally, an applicant tracking system and recruiting CRM that proves ease-of-use and
feature richness can coexist!

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Email Automation

Gmail and
Outlook Integration

With Mindscope, all emails and calendar items – both incoming and outgoing – are automatically synced in the appropriate candidate and/or client record so that you never miss a beat!

Outlook Plugin

Our industry leading Outlook Plugin uses color coding to help you identify whether a sender exists in your database, either as a candidate or client contact. It also parses attachments, such as resumes, into the system. This great feature lets you attach candidates to job orders and/or hotlists, as well as schedule follow-up tasks, update records and much more – all without having to leave your Outlook account!

Mass Email and
Email Templates

Send up to 500 mass e-mails from your staffing and recruitment software! With Mindscope, recruiters can create customized templates and perform a mail merge, so each recipient of the email receives it as a personalized message. All communications are automated and stored in the appropriate record.

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SMS Text Messages

Did you know that texts have a 93% open rate? Mindscope allows users to send and receive text messages directly to/from candidates and client contacts. Our system captures responses directly in the recipients’ profile.

  • Up to 500 text messages at one time
  • Can be sent both nationally and internationally
  • Option to receive SMS messages via email or forwarded to personal phone
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VoIP Phone Calling

Recruiters make hundreds of phone calls a day – it’s critical that this process is conducted quickly and without any information being lost. Mindscope staffing and recruitment software covers all bases with our VoIP phone calling integration!

  • All users given a unique phone number
  • One-click to call from any record with a phone number
  • “Incoming call recognition” automatically pulls up the candidate or client record within Mindscope when a call is being received
  • Phone calls are tracked in the system with a note on the appropriate record
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Rules Based Workflow

Within Mindscope’s job order module, you are able to create your own unique, rules-based workflows that make sense for your staffing and recruitment agency. Recruiters will be prevented from moving a candidate forward in the pipeline until all qualifying steps have been completed. You can add or remove as many steps as necessary and save your preferences for future use! These workflows can be customized per company, client and/or job order.

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Integrated Applicant Processing Buttons

We understand that a lot of your day is spent filtering through and responding to applicants. To make this process as easy as possible, Mindscope offers ‘accept’, ‘reject’ and ‘request info’ buttons that integrate with your Outlook account. Set-up this feature to find these buttons in each email application you receive. After viewing the resume, simply click a button within the body of the email to activate the desired outcome. Each selection is linked to a status update in Mindscope, and a templated email will be automatically sent to the applicant regarding next steps.

Scheduling and
Task Management

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Calendar view
  • Activity tracking widget
  • Ability to send schedule requests
  • Delegation and tracking of schedule activities
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License Expiry Tracking

Mindscope’s license expiry tracking feature empowers you to guarantee legal compliancy and keep your business secure!

  • Credentialing table enables you to track licenses, certificates and accreditations
  • Easily search information to ensure you’re staffing fully licensed employees
  • Set-up your system to automatically remind candidates when it’s time to renew their licenses!

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