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Access the information that matters most so that you can make data informed decisions
that empower your staffing and recruitment efforts to work harder, and smarter.

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Mindscope offers a number of of cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools to keep recruiters ahead of the competition.

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Customizable Dashboard Widgets

Easily access real-time data in a quick-to-digest format within Mindscope’s dashboard module. All widgets within this module can be exported in various file types. Some key dashboard widgets include:

  • Applicant processing volume
  • Applicant processing times
  • Activity summaries by organization
  • Job Order pipeline summary and detailed views
  • Schedule item activity
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Hundreds of Reports

Mindscope offers approximately 200 standardized reports, giving you access to your most important data in just a few clicks! Some of these reports include:

  • Recruiter activity reports
  • Sales reports
  • New candidate and placements reports and much more!
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Ad-Hoc Report Builder & Business Intelligence Tool

Harnessing data-driven insights is the new benchmark for staying competitive in the staffing and recruitment industry. With Mindscope, you can easily create custom, ad-hoc reports and store them as templates to use time and again.

Our business intelligence tool enables you to uncover the data that matters most to you and your recruiting efforts. Want to know your average cost-per-hire, offer acceptance rate or quality per hire measured by turnover rate? With the unique ability to access highly specific reports, as well as your own customizable dashboard widgets, you can mine valuable data and statistics about your business, allowing you to hire smarter and drive more revenue!

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