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Reviews & Ratings

Much to our shock and great delight, all of the things we’d been promised prior to go live actually happened! The onboarding process was smooth and handled brilliantly. One of their staff flew over from Canada and spent a week with us in our UK HQ. Following the go live, we’ve had no issues worthy of mention. Any queries or issues have been user / new system orientated and we have received whatever support has been required. Our consultants love the product and were delighted with the choice we made. To top it all, it’s very reasonably priced! I feel we have paid for a VW and ended up with a Bentley! Couldn’t be happier.


360 Recruitment

A quick look at a Recruiting Software website and who they want to make happy becomes apparent. Mindscope’s customer support is outstanding! They have been accessible and even implemented suggestions.



I’d highly recommend anyone that’s interested to contact the team for a demo! It’s a no-cost effort and it should be enough to get you convinced!


BP2M Ltd

Great product and even greater support. As our company grew, we needed and ATS that grew with us. Mindscope did just that! The team is very responsive and know their product.


Dunhill Staffing

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