Release 2.11.5

Released week of July 2, 2024


  • Clone Jobs
    • Added the ability to clone a Job directly from the Job’s profile.
    • Cloning a Job now automatically includes the job’s Web Integration fields.
      • As this no longer requires checking a selection box…we’ve removed the selection box from the screen.
    • As before, Show on Web Integration and posting dates will be default as blank on the cloned Job.
  • Placement Commissions
    • Added configurable Commission Roles.
      • Administrator users may define the roles that can be involved in placements in your organization.
      • These may be selected on the Placement Commissions tab when selecting the individuals who contributed to a placement.
    • Users will now be prevented from saving an entry if the total Commission % across all rows will exceed 100%.
    • Learn more about this update: Setting Placement Commissions
  • Company Documents
    • Added Company-wide documents, making shared documents available for all users to select and attach to outbound emails from the ATS.
    • This compliments the existing My Documents feature for use by individuals.
    • Learn more about this feature: Company Documents
  • Enhanced Pipeline Activity (EPAW) Dashboard
    • Updated to display the most recent activity only for each Candidate on each Job.
    • Added the ability to log activities for each Candidate within the current Pipeline stage of the Job.
    • Added the ability to move the Candidate to the next Pipeline stage of the Job.
    • Learn more about this feature: Enhanced Pipeline Activity Widget

Issues Resolved

  • New Job creation, New Contact creation – Resolved issue related to display of State/Province within the list of available Client addresses.
  • Schedule module – Resolved issue causing timeout when filtering for Activity types Email orĀ All.
  • Send Email with Attachment – Resolved issue causing a “resume submit” activity to be incorrectly logged in certain conditions.