Release Notes – 2.11.4

Released May 2024


  • The Clone Jobs feature now includes copy of work schedule fields when creating new jobs through Cloning.
  • Candidate Name fields now permit use of brackets, to allow parsing of a Candidate’s “known as” name, e.g. David “Dave” Jones.
  • Client Lookup fields now support searching by keyword and by Alias, making it faster to look up a Company when using features such as the Job Order Entry Wizard, Clone Jobs, Move Contact to Other Company, and Attach Candidate to Job.
  • Document Upload now supports upload of documents formatted as fillable .docx files.


Issues Resolved

  • Pinned Job Orders: Resolved an issue related to display of Job Order Workspace details when navigating between multiple pinned jobs.
  • List Views: Resolved an issue preventing the last used View from loading automatically for some users when working with Lists.
  • Return to Workspace: Resolved an error when using the Return to Workspace action for certain candidates in a job Pipeline.
  • Merge Companies: Resolved an issue preventing certain fields in a Client profile from being saved to another Client when profiles are combined using the Merge feature.