Using AI To Streamline Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement is widely regarded as the most time-consuming element of the recruitment process. Traditionally, it has involved back-and-forth communication between recruiters and candidates, either over the phone or via email.

This is both time and labor intensive. There is no guarantee the effort will be worthwhile either – many conversations will lead to dead-ends, with candidates turning down the opportunity to apply or failing to respond altogether.

AI-powered candidate engagement software is changing the way recruiters connect with job seekers, helping them overcome key issues that they face on a daily basis. It is now easier than ever to find suitable candidates with less time spent communicating the same information to multiple people and recording responses.

Candidate engagement tools are not just beneficial to recruiters, they make life easier for candidates too.

Gen Z is expected to represent around 27% of the entire labor market by 2025, further emphasizing the importance of this demographic when it comes to recruitment. When it comes to communication, candidates from this younger generation seek instant interaction, opting to connect via mobile and web-based platforms such as chatbots.

Chatbots provide a convenient communication method for gathering information from candidates without becoming invasive. Connecting via chatbot doesn’t need to be impersonal either – candidates can be kept engaged with personalized attributes and reminders.


Kaptivate Candidate Engagement Platform


Kaptivate is an AI-powered candidate engagement tool that integrates with Mindscope applicant tracking software via a Google Chrome extension, allowing Mindscope users to automate candidate conversations and retrieve critical information in real time.

This chatbot platform can be set up to ask recipients a series of questions within a pre-emptive conversation tree. It is a fast, targeted approach that can reach hundreds of candidates at the same time via SMS, WhatsApp and email. Crucially, there is no need for recruiters to spend hours calling candidates that are unlikely to answer.

In addition to sourcing and screening, Kaptivate can be used to keep candidate records up to date (availability, location, etc.). Recruiters can notify recipients about available positions while also confirming key information such as contact details, employment history, qualifications, and availability. All this information is then automatically recorded in Mindscope within the relevant candidate profile for future reference.


Download Kaptivate


Kaptivate enables users to create dynamic campaigns using customizable conversation templates that trigger the desired response from candidates. This user-friendly system offers an expansive range of conversation variables in order to retrieve the required candidate information as quickly as possible.

There is a “test with me” feature that allows recruiters to test campaigns before launching them, and once a campaign is finalized it can be scheduled to go live at the optimum point in time to guarantee timely candidate connections. Automatic reminders are available to help maintain fast response rates and all correspondence can be tracked using the platform’s intuitive reporting feature.



  • Build a campaign on the fly
  • Quickly connect with candidates through AI-enabled chatbot conversations
  • Use dynamic templates to drive the flow of conversation
  • Receive continuous campaign updates online and via the mobile app
  • Sync ATS data via software integration



  • Automation – Response-driven workflows provide an efficient way to extend outreach
  • Messaging – Personalized attributes and reminders to keep candidates engaged
  • Surveys – Customized questionnaires created using a variety of question types
  • Chatbot – Integrated chatbot with video and voice notes for fast collaboration
  • Reporting – Analytics tools to help recruiters understand candidate responses


Kaptivate is just one part of Mindscope’s extensive communication toolset. With email, text messaging, and VOIP calling also available, recruiters are able to tailor their approach based on the type of candidates they are looking to connect with.



Mindscope staffing and recruitment software can help agencies connect with candidates. Our intuitive automation and communication tools make it easier than ever to attract and secure talent ahead of competitors. Request a demo today to see it in action.