How Is Industrial Automation Impacting Recruitment?


Automation is expected to eliminate 11 million U.S. jobs by 2032, impacting around 7% of the country’s total workforce.

An increase in factory and warehouse automation will naturally bring about job security fears, but lay-offs are set to be counteracted slightly by new roles created through the modernization of industrial processes. Employers are increasingly looking to secure talent to help operate, program, and maintain automated equipment.

Recruiters will need to source and supply light industrial sector workers that possess the appropriate training and qualifications, a task made easier by another form of automation – applicant tracking software.


How will automation change the industrial sector?


Light industrial firms are among the organizations implementing artificial intelligence, robotics, and other automated systems to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Although some of these technologies are capable of completing tasks alone, others merely provide assistance to the existing human workforce.

As well as the cost savings associated with improved productivity and reduced headcount, industrial sector businesses have been able to use technology to bridge the skills gaps that have been so prominent in recent years due to global labor shortage.

Automation is a balancing act that requires careful consideration in order for the human/machine relationship to thrive, generating an environment in which quality and productivity can be raised to the highest level possible.

It is important that industrial sector businesses have a plan in place for their workforce prior to investing in new workplace technology. This will typically involve training workers to program systems and operate machinery, or sourcing new employees that already have the required skills, qualifications, and experience.


New roles


Although automation could put around 11 million U.S. jobs at risk over the next decade, as many as 9.6 million new roles are predicted to become available at the same time, reducing the deficit to around 1.5 million jobs.



The majority of these new jobs will require personnel capable of programming, operating, and maintaining tech systems and robotic equipment.

Any workers that remain in their previous positions are likely to be subject to updated role requirements. With automation removing some of the strain, they will be able to take on previously neglected tasks and develop skills in other areas.


Finding skilled candidates


Recruiters are now on the lookout for candidates with the skills required to work harmoniously with modern machinery. Having a comprehensive candidate database with skill tagging functionality is key to sourcing appropriately trained individuals.

Mindscope applicant tracking software helps pinpoint talent via its Boolean advanced search feature. The system enables skill tagging within the database, so candidates can be marked as having specific attributes – something that can be utilized when matching individuals to skill-dependent roles.


“It’s vital that all relevant skills are taken into account when seeking candidates for a specialist position. To help ensure that the right search criteria are in place, we’ve updated Mindscope’s Candidate Match feature to allow recruiters to auto-populate their Boolean search with skills that have already been inputted from the job order.”

– Jeremy Hsiung, Product Manager at Mindscope


Locating individuals with the right skillset in an existing candidate database is not without its pitfalls. For example, the information held on file is only useful if it is kept up to date, so data hygiene is paramount. Traditionally, maintaining candidate lists would have been a labor-intensive task, but applicant tracking software has advanced to incorporate some helpful integrations.

Mindscope offers a number of resume parsing options as well as an intuitive candidate engagement tool.

Not only can resumes be parsed from traditional sources such as email attachments, but they can also be generated automatically using information sourced online using the Shazaam Google Chrome extension in conjunction with Mindscope ATS. For example, potential candidates’ employment history, skills, qualifications and contact details can be parsed from LinkedIn profiles to create or update corresponding candidate profiles in Mindscope.


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In addition to intuitive resume parsing, Mindscope users can opt for the Kaptivate candidate engagement tool. This chatbot-style system is a fast and efficient way to retrieve up-to-date information from individuals already present in the candidate database.

Kaptivate allows recruiters to set up automated text-based conversations with candidates to notify them of available positions while also confirming their contact details, employment history, qualifications, and availability. Job seekers can also be given the opportunity to upload their current resume, making it possible for recruiters to parse relevant details into Mindscope for future use.

The Kaptivate platform can be used comprehensively across expansive candidate lists, contacting hundreds of people at once via automated SMS text, email, and WhatsApp messages. Recipients can be targeted by using Mindscope’s candidate list filter to identify when individual profiles were last updated and prioritize accordingly, uploading relevant contacts into Kaptivate to create relevant distribution lists.

With this automated communication method at their disposal, recruiters will no longer need to spend hours texting, emailing, or calling candidates without reward – the database effectively updates itself based on the information provided.



As industrial organizations continue to streamline their processes through automation, they will expect their staffing and recruitment partners to do the same. Recruiters can maximize efficiency for themselves and their clients through Mindscope’s applicant tracking and CRM tools. Request a demo today and find out how Mindscope can help secure skilled workers in today’s competitive recruitment landscape.