How Recruiters Can Capitalize On The Job Hopping Trend

Employees are no longer concerned about changing jobs too soon – in fact, an increasing number of candidates are switching from one employer to the next in order to increase earnings and improve their work-life balance.

According to ADP Research Institute, job hopper wage growth reached 7.5% this year, up from 4.7% in 2021.

While the market certainly remains challenging for recruiters, the increase in staff turnover that comes with job hopping could represent a significant opportunity.


Candidate-led market


Ongoing labor shortages are forcing employees to increase the pay ranges associated with roles in order to attract suitable candidates ahead of industry rivals. This puts job seekers in a commanding position when considering the next step of their career path.

The competition within the staffing and recruitment industry remains fierce with each available candidate prized as a precious commodity. However, the job-hopping trend is leading to higher turnover rates in certain industries – something that recruiters will be looking to capitalize on.


Staff turnover


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to knowing how often to switch jobs. Before the pandemic, many job seekers would be if it is OK to switch jobs every year, whereas now the outlook appears to be even more short-term than that.

Job hopping is such a prominent trend that loyalty and longevity are becoming rare traits within the workplace. Staff turnover is a direct consequence of this change in behavior, and it represents an opportunity for staffing and recruitment agencies that take the right approach.

As candidates jump on and off the employment merry-go-round, recruiters must be poised and ready to react.


Reacting quickly


The effective use of an applicant tracking system is critical in order to act quickly when an opportunity arises. Mindscope gives recruiters a head-start by allowing them to maintain an up-to-date candidate database that is easy to search and filter.

As well as maintaining an accurate candidate database within the applicant tracking system, recruiters will need to track down and contact suitable candidates from that list at speed.


Accurate and up-to-date candidate information


Data hygiene is a key foundation for express staffing and recruitment – a poorly maintained database can result in precious time being wasted contacting candidates that are either unavailable or unsuitable for the role.

Thanks to effortless resume parsing, Mindscope users can find the latest information regarding a candidate’s qualifications and experience. Mindscope’s Outlook Plugin can parse information from an attached resume and automatically update the relevant profile within the applicant tracking system.

Further details can be sought through candidate engagement tools such as Kaptivate. This particular Mindscope integration is fast way for staffing agencies to check candidate circumstances, including location and availability.


“Kaptivate creates an instant connection with candidates and guides them through a customizable conversation tree. This automation saves recruiters from hours of ‘back-and-forth’ phone calls and emails.”


Other communication channels available to Mindscope users include mass texting, mass email, and VoIP phone calling.




With an open rate of 97%, SMS messages are a fast and responsive communication method – especially in the staffing sector, where mobile-friendly recruitment strategies are estimated to increase hire rates by as much as 12%.

Mindscope incorporates a texting feature which allows recruiters to contact up to 500 recipients at the same time and effortlessly gauge interest among candidates. Messages can be sent nationally or internationally, and it is also possible for recruiters to view responses via email as well as on their personal mobile device.




Email is still integral to the recruitment process and remains a favored contact method for those that prioritize record-keeping over responsiveness.

Much like the texting feature, Mindscope’s mass email functionality is capable of contacting up to 500 candidates at once. Emails are delivered directly from the applicant tracking software and messages can be customized using email templates.

Mail merges can be performed to personalize correspondence and any responses are automatically recorded and attached to the relevant profile within the applicant tracking system.




Recruitment personnel spend much of their day on the phone, so it is critical that each call is as productive as possible.

Every Mindscope user with access to VoIP phone calling is given a unique phone number from which they can call candidates directly from the applicant tracking system in just one click.

The ‘incoming call recognition’ feature automatically pulls up the corresponding candidate profile on a recruiter’s screen so that they have all the relevant information in front of them during the call. Each call gets tracked within the system with notes attached to the associated record.






Even once a candidate has been sourced, staffing agencies will need to act quickly to onboard them. Any delays in getting a placement over the line may result in them heading elsewhere, especially in such a candidate-led market.

Mindscope offers onboarding software that makes uploading licenses, certifications, and ID documents a hassle-free process for candidates. Recruiters can create a list of required documentation and submit requests for candidates to upload documents through a mobile-friendly online portal.

Once received everything is attached the relevant profile and stored securely within the system for future reference. If an item is missing, notifications can be sent to notify the candidate in question.


How much job hopping is too much?


It is difficult to say, but in a candidate-led market, job switching will continue to boost employee pay and the trend shows no signs of slowing.


Mindscope staffing and recruitment software streamlines processes, allowing agencies to place candidates quickly. Get in touch today to find out more.