Talking Tech With Jennifer Martin

New technology is critical to developing cutting-edge staffing and recruitment software, but ensuring it is practical and user-friendly is even more important. This requires the knowledge of industry experts who understand both sides of the equation.

Jennifer Martin, a recent addition to the Mindscope Family, fits the bill perfectly. The industry know-how she has acquired over the last two decades will be invaluable in her role as Product Manager. Jennifer is already making an impact, having led the redevelopment of Mindscope’s applicant tracking system for the latest software release.

We conducted a quick Q&A with Jennifer to delve into her recruitment tech background and the role she now plays in providing market leading applicant tracking solutions for Mindscope customers. Here is what she had to say…


How long have you worked in staffing and recruitment for?


I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for 23 years, with the majority of that time spent as a tech stack owner for specialist recruitment firms. This involved system configuration, integrations, and internal process training.

I was responsible for ensuring that applicant tracking software connected effectively with existing software and back-office systems – giving recruiters access to a comprehensive set of tools within one intuitive platform.


How have applicant tracking systems changed in that time?


It’s a long-running trend, but continuous productivity enhancements have added up to produce some pretty big changes over the last couple of decades. Most recently, applicant tracking systems have focused on improving candidate engagement, managing data hygiene, and providing strategic business insights.


What is it about recruitment tech that appeals to you most?


I’m driven by the challenge of building efficient work processes, which really is the core of all staffing and recruitment software. Having worked closely with recruiters for so long, I get a real sense of satisfaction from making their lives easier.

As Product Manager at Mindscope, I look forward to developing tools that will make the management of large datasets both fast and effective – giving agencies back the capacity to focus on building relationships and placing candidates.


What attracted you to working at Mindscope?


Two things stood out to me – the people, and the product.

Having gotten to know a lot about Mindscope through my network of recruitment colleagues, it always stood out to me as being a great place to work – I was right!

The company has built a ‘dream team’ of experts specializing in product development, sales, marketing, and customer support disciplines. Although everyone has their own individual expertise, they are also amazing collaborators, making Mindscope even greater than the sum of its parts.


What have you enjoyed most about your first months at Mindscope?


My favourite part of the week is our cross-functional training sessions. It’s a forum that allows each department to interact and share valuable insights with each other. Being part of a company that is so committed to personal development and collaborative learning is a genuine pleasure.

I’ve also got to say how fantastic it has been to see Mindscope’s internship program in action. Our current crop of interns have provided invaluable support across the business, adding even more enthusiasm to the team.

It’s a dog-friendly office too – so that’s pretty awesome!


What Mindscope features are you most excited about?


It’s hard to choose because Mindscope boasts lots of amazing features, but there are three that I’m particularly impressed by…




What can we expect from future Mindscope software releases?


Now that Mindscope has become a Univerus company, there is potential for even more game-changing software updates.

The development roadmap for 2022 and beyond is looking very strong. Existing features within Mindscope’s ATS and CRM modules will undergo enhancements to further improve usability. There will also be expanded mobile solutions to make it even easier for temporary workers and staffing agencies to engage with each other.


What do you believe the future looks like for applicant tracking systems?


In short, I expect to see accelerated software development and a wider adoption of enhancements.

Reducing the administrative burden for recruiters remains a critical focus for the recruitment software industry. Developers will be looking to automate highly repetitive tasks while achieving tighter integrations with existing systems and back-office tools.

We know that staffing and recruitment is a relationship-driven industry, and it will be critical for recruiters to have the capacity to focus on those relationships.

In terms of new features, I anticipate that legislative compliance will be a hot topic. Staffing and recruitment agencies worldwide are subject to endless expansions of legislative, contractual, and administrative responsibilities – this means they need software solutions that support compliance and stay up-to-date with evolving policies.


Jennifer’s extensive recruitment software implementation experience is a major asset to the Mindscope team. Her user-centric approach is already ensuring that our customers receive a world-class product that is perfectly suited to the tasks they carry out on a daily basis.



Mindscope provides innovative, user-friendly staffing and recruitment products designed to facilitate a seamless hiring process. We are committed to helping our customers succeed – contact us today to see how we can transform your recruitment activities.