Essential ATS Tools For Healthcare Recruiters in 2022

The healthcare sector is moving at an unprecedented pace, so how will recruiters keep up with the demand for qualified staff?


Staffing and recruitment agencies can fill large job orders quickly and conveniently using Mindscope’s comprehensive suite of recruitment software. Traditionally laborious recruitment tasks are automated in a single user-friendly package that simplifies the hiring process – saving agencies time, effort, and money.


Summarized below are four must-have applicant tracking and CRM tools for staffing agencies and recruiters in 2022 and beyond.


Deluxe Job Board


LinkedIn estimates that online job boards are the most popular place for candidates to commence their search – around 60% of job searches start that way.


This is great news from a recruiter perspective. Not only do they get a larger pool of candidates, it also means less work. By connecting their online job boards with an applicant tracking system, they’ll be able to screen candidates and pinpoint the most qualified prospects automatically.


Mindscope’s sister company, TopTalent Communications, has the perfect job board for staffing and recruitment agencies that are looking to maximize candidate engagement in the healthcare sector.


TopTalent’s Job Board API plug-in allows healthcare recruiters to integrate an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly jobs page into their website. These customizable job boards blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic and are easy for candidates to navigate.


Job postings need applicants, and the best way to increase candidate traffic is through internet search engines such as Google. TopTalent job boards feature extensive SEO capabilities to boost search rankings and ensure that postings are picked up by Google.


Once a candidate has found a job posting, it is easy for them to apply for the role. Job seekers are looking for a fast process that doesn’t involve filling out countless fields of information. With the TopTalent plug-in, all candidates need to do is upload their resume – from there, the application form will be completed automatically based on the information included in the resume document.


The TopTalent Job Board effortlessly integrates with applicant tracking systems too, making the hiring process fast and efficient.


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Interview Scheduling


The healthcare sector is suffering from a major labor shortage. As a result, it is vital that recruiters set up further screening with candidates immediately before they are picked up by another agency. Mindscope staffing software features a scheduling tool that does just that.


Recruiters can schedule phone calls, meetings, interviews, follow-ups and more by linking their Outlook account. Everything is connected to the relevant job order within the applicant tracking system and can be monitored from the corresponding calendar.


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Mobile Onboarding


Staff turnover in healthcare is at an all-time high. A McKinsey & Company survey found that nursing staff turnover had increased from 11.1% to 15.8% in 2021.


The best way to avoid even more disruption within healthcare organizations is to onboard new employees as quickly as possible.


Through integrating Able software, Mindscope has been able to provide healthcare staffing and recruitment agencies with an intuitive tool that eliminates the type of delays associated with traditional onboarding processes. Able estimates that automating the process costs recruiters 90% less time, and 50% less money.


With Able, everything is completed on an online portal that can be accessed using desktop and mobile devices. It simplifies the process for both candidate and recruiter, making it possible to complete the onboarding process from anywhere.


Job applicants can use the mobile-friendly platform to submit all the required forms online, moving through each onboarding phase at speed. There’s no need for recruiters to go back and forth to check-in with candidates either. Applicants are given automatic prompts via text and email, with submission progress tracked in real-time.


Nothing gets missed and all candidate information is stored in the database for future use.


All data saved within the Mindscope database is completely confidential. The software supports HIPAA compliance by allowing agencies to securely store I-9 and physical examination records.


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Timesheets & Payroll


When recruiting contractors and temporary healthcare workers, staffing agencies will usually require assistance with work schedules and payroll procedures. Shift work such as nursing is difficult to keep track of manually, so having a dedicated timesheet system will improve accuracy and efficiency.


Mindscope TimeTrack automates the clock-in/clock-out process within user-friendly mobile app. The employee’s hours are logged in real-time and saved in the Mindscope database for tracking and payroll purposes. This simplifies the financial accounting process, something that is time-consuming and expensive to conduct manually.



The platform improves accountability too. Workers can view their upcoming work schedule to check company, location, duties, and shift times. TimeTrack also allows agencies to monitor timesheets as employees clock-in and clock-out. There is even a GPS function that shows the employees current location during shift hours to ensure that they in the right place at the right time.


Staff payments are effortless too thanks to Mindscope’s fully synchronized accounting software integration (QuickBooks, ADP, Great Plains etc.)


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These are just some of the Mindscope tools available to healthcare recruiters – contact us today to see how our comprehensive ATS tools can transform your staffing agency’s approach to recruitment and staffing.

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