Express Staffing With ATS Tools

Technology can make the difference between landing a candidate or losing them forever. The best applicants won’t wait around for a job offer and clients are often looking to recruit several positions at short notice. ATS software can speed up the hiring process for recruiters by removing the need to manually sift through resumes under pressure.


Candidates move fast


Good candidates are on the market for just 10 days. Missing out on suitable candidates is a familiar theme among recruiters, and it is a particular problem in high turnover industries such as warehousing, where 42% of workers leave within the first year of employment.

Vacancies need filling quickly, so having a vast network of applicants to call upon is priceless.


Client needs change quickly


A client’s employment demands can fluctuate, especially if they have seasonal trade patterns to contend with. The pandemic has also impacted the way businesses handle staffing. Long-term planning suddenly became extremely difficult and many companies are now taking a more flexible approach to limit future risk.


However, this flexibility presents its own issues. The main challenge is balancing employee numbers to meet demand without wasting the wage budget.

Overstaffing leads to reduced profitability.

Understaffing leads to reduced productivity.

Therefore, it is important for employers to regularly assess staffing levels and plug gaps quickly with an express recruitment process.


What is Express Staffing?


Express Staffing is used in situations where an employer has identified an immediate staffing requirement within their business. Typically, it involves temporary positions being offered to job seekers within a staffing agency’s candidate network. This method of recruitment is popular within the hospitality, retail, warehousing and logistics sectors.


Hospitality – staffing large events and catering contracts
Retail – seasonal store workers
Warehousing and Logistics – more workers required to meet demands of the online retail boom


How does ATS help?


Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software is a comprehensive solution for all types of recruitment, but it is particularly valuable for express staffing requirements.


The ultimate candidate database


When recruiting at scale and/or short notice, building a large pool of candidates quickly is key. With the Mindscope ATS platform, it is easy to build a network of applicants by importing resumes and contact details from job board applications, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles. The system will summarize resume content to highlight candidate skills and experience. Recruiters can also perform a refined search of keywords, job titles and qualifications – saving it for future use if necessary.


An agency’s ever-growing candidate database will be invaluable when working on large-scale hires at short notice. Set candidate availability and filter to see who is looking for work before making direct contact. Phone or email are the traditional methods, but SMS is now an option too. This is useful for agencies that need to reach out to large groups (as many as 500 text messages can be sent at once). SMS messages tend to initiate faster responses from job seekers too – 90% of recruiter text messages get opened within 3 minutes of being received.


social media


Stay on track with Customer Notification Timers


Agencies can use Mindscope software to ensure that client expectations are met every time. The Customer Notification Timer feature holds staff accountable to service level agreements. By having clear timescales to work to, job orders will be filled sooner. Also, monitoring progress and deadline response rates will allow managers to understand workload capacity when responding to customer job order requests.


Revisit previous job orders to help fill new ones


Mindscope’s Enhanced Pipeline Activity Widget (EPAW) is a powerful tool that provides granular access to candidate and job order information. Recruiters can search through previous activities – filtering by date, job order, job type, job title, and number of candidates placed.


EPAW also makes it easy to find unplaced prospects from previous job orders and place them in current ones. It is a quick and simple way to ensure that top candidates already in the system are being considered for positions.



These are just some of the advantages of Mindscope’s bespoke ATS tools. We are committed to helping our customers succeed – contact us today to see how we can transform your agency’s approach to express staffing.