The Power of Proactive Recruiting

2022 is right around the corner – with a new year often comes a desire to shake things up. To start with the best foot forward, re-evaluating staffing and recruiting methods to make processes more effective should be at the top of the industry’s priority list. One sure-fire action to take is being prepared for anything. As such, the proactive recruiting method continues to gain popularity.


Contrary to traditional reactive recruiting which can be time-consuming and unnecessarily stressful, proactive recruitment takes a more engaged and anticipatory approach, ensuring recruiters are better prepared for busy periods and allows them to develop more authentic relationships with their candidates.


Keep reading for more insight into proactive recruiting and how Mindscope can ensure proficiency in these processes.


What is proactive recruiting?


Proactive recruiting is about just that: being proactive regarding sourcing and connecting with candidates, prior to a position becoming available. Before candidates become shortlisted for a specific job, recruiters have a chance to build a stronger working relationship with them. This can lead to recruiters making more appropriate placements, faster time-to-hire and lower cote-per-hire, and a plethora of other benefits for both parties.


Reactive recruiting can see recruiters sourcing and screening candidates every time a new role comes along. In contrast, the proactive method allows them to stay a step ahead of the game and save time with every placement. Assuming they are familiar with the types of roles they need to fill and what is required of certain candidates, they already have the forecasting insight they need to be successful at proactive recruiting.


proactive recruiting


Establishing an Employer Brand


Creating deep talent pools filled with qualified candidates is made easier when a relationship with those candidates is built prior to their placement. Building a distinguishable employer brand is an essential component of proactive recruitment. Fostering a following and attracting candidates that align with the mission and values of the staffing agency is a win for both parties – recruiters can source more valuable and appropriate candidates, while candidates are more likely to be satisfied with their placements when working with an agency they resonate with.


A recent survey found that 30% of placements leave within the first 90 days of being hired, which often points towards a misalignment of values between the employer and candidate. Employer branding can help build more authentic connections – 50% of job seekers say that they wouldn’t work with a company if they didn’t like their online presence or reputation. Mindscope’s marketing division, TopTalent Communications, can support agencies with creating active brand awareness, through services such as effective copywriting and strategic content creation.


Building Pipelines


Proactive recruiting is all about monitoring trends, remaining organized and process oriented. Having a constant pipeline of available talent on hand for when opportunities do arise can make the time-to-hire significantly shorter, which allows recruiters to be more efficient with their placements. During slow periods, taking the downtime to build and organize pipelines will ensure that when a role does come along, the sourcing step is already taken care of, and users are prepared to start their hiring process immediately.


With Mindscope’s Hot Lists function, recruiters can categorize candidates by a number of criteria and save this criterion for future use. As a result, when a job comes along with a certain requirements, recruiters will have a list of potential candidates ready immediately. In addition, recruiters can configure their own pipeline workflows for each client or different job type using Mindscope’s customizable, rules-based workflows. Having pre-set steps defined to move candidates through various stages of the hiring process means that recruiters won’t miss any crucial steps and make it to the placement finish line more efficiently.


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