Key Features All Staffing Agencies Need in 2022

As 2021 wraps up, staffing agencies are starting to consider how to improve and streamline their processes for the new year. A collection of new industry trends will dominate the next twelve months, and it is imperative that recruiters keep up with the changes. While most staffing agencies uses recruitment technology to some capacity, having the right applicant tracking system features help agencies stand out amongst the competition.  


Here are the key features all staffing agencies need in 2022.  


Mobile optimization takes a front seat 


Using mobile devices to accelerate various aspects of the hiring process has been on the rise for years, but it is now a non-negotiable part of any successful staffing strategy. By the year 2025, 75% of the world will be conducting all of their Internet searches exclusively from their mobile phones – further highlighting the need to update how agencies interact with candidates. To ensure a strong start to 2022, creating mobile optimized client and candidate touch points is key to reaching a wider market space. One of the best ways to convert job orders is through a fully mobile hiring process.  


Mindscope’s integration with onboarding platform Able allows all administrative onboarding tasks to be completed from a mobile device. Candidates can upload documents, sign forms from their device, and recruiters can send out automatic reminders when tasks are not completed. Using the integration, recruiters can reduce the time spent onboarding by up to 90%, making it one of the most user-friendly and effective onboarding tools on the market. 


Communicating via text with your candidates regarding job opportunities is the most efficient way to connect with them. Texts have an open rate of up to 98% and are typically read within 90 seconds – versus emails with 20% open rate in 90 minutes. Mindscope’s texting capabilities allow recruiters to send up to 500 texts at a time, both locally or internationally, and responses from candidates can be read from email – making everyone’s lives easier.  


Smarter Emailing 


A good portion of a recruiter’s day is spent in their inbox. The average employee spends around 28% of their day reading, writing and responding to emails – that’s more than two hours a day. With hundreds of emails going out and coming in every day, managing emails as efficiently as possible is a must for 2022. Having the most effective connection between a recruiter’s inbox and the applicant tracking system is a crucial feature, it reduces error in communication, transferring information accurately and automatically creates an easy to using and organized outlook sorting system. 


Mindscope’s integration with Outlook is one of our customers favourite features! All email communication between the recruiter and candidate, including documents and attachments, is synchronized automatically into the database to the appropriate candidate record for future reference. Users can also send emails directly from Mindscope to any email address.  




Extensive searching and listing capabilities 


Having a database full of diversely qualified candidates is great, but better yet, is being able to efficiently find the candidate once they are in the system. Being able to find specific candidates quickly and confidently within moments creates a premium experience for both the client and candidate. 


Mindscope’s extensive searching functionalities makes our ATS one of the most user-friendly and thorough candidate placement tools on the market. The Boolean search allow recruiters to create detailed inquiries with several different skills and keywords in a single search, in addition the criteria can be customized for each agency. Recruiters can also save these searches in hot lists for future reference, saving them valuable time for the next search.  


Mindscope is an industry leader in the staffing and recruiting space with a wide range of products and features that empower our customers to meet their professional goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.