How Vaccine Policies May Affect The Hiring Process

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect many aspects of our daily life, some have found solace in one of the most anticipated events of the last year and a half: the COVID-19 vaccine. As the vaccination rates increase, restrictions are slowly relaxing, and some semblance of normalcy is starting to return.  


However, the discussion of whether vaccines should be mandatory in certain spaces has been a fervent debate. Recent figures have found that nearly two-thirds (62%) of all Canadian companies and 52% of companies in the United States are looking into a vaccine mandate for their workforce. With numbers like these, it is possible that mandatory vaccines in the workplace soon become the norm. 


Keep reading for our insight into how mandatory vaccine policies may affect hiring in the coming months, and how Mindscope’s applicant tracking system can help manage the ongoing changes effectively.  


Vaccine Mandates Becoming a Requirement 


Many major companies have already announced their mandatory vaccination policies for workers planning on returning to the physical workspace. Some companies have even made ‘fully vaccinated’ a requirement on their job applications. In fact, job openings that require a full vaccination went up by 90% between July and August of this year.  


Even though many companies seem to be in favour of vaccine mandates, shots remain a personal choice and are not yet required by law, there are many people across the world who are not yet ready for the jab. For this reason, once a vaccine policy has been decided upon, it is recommended it is disclosed to job seekers as soon as possible, so they can decide whether to apply based on their own vaccination status, minimizing any surprises down the hiring pipeline.  


Once in the database, recruiters can use Mindscope’s Boolean search capabilities to create and hot lists, sorting candidates by their vaccination status for easy organization and making it faster to place available candidates. 


Changes to Onboarding 


Having access to vaccination records and COVID-19 test results will become a priority when sourcing new candidates and onboarding new employees. When working with hundreds of candidates, staying organized and guaranteeing all necessary documentation is readily available in one location, is a must. 


Mindscope’s integration with onboarding platform Able makes keeping track of all necessary COVID-related documentation painless. Recruiters can adjust the integration to include or exclude requirements for any documents they want, sending out automatic notifications to those who have not completed the key steps. New employees can upload their files directly from their mobile phones or desktop, leaving them with little room for error when completing their mandatory onboarding tasks.  


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Keeping Communication Consistent 


An important aspect of managing COVID-related policies is keeping all parties informed with ongoing changes in a timely manner. Both, candidates, and clients need to have the most up-to-date information about an agency’s hiring practices as well as the fluctuating recommendations from public health units. Uncertainty is still looming regarding COVID-19 and working with an agency that is staying on top of communicating with their partners can instill reassurance and authority amongst the industry.  


Using Mindscope’s templated document builder, recruiters can send out standardized updates to their candidates and clients, securely, communicating with hundreds of people at one time. In addition, recruiters can format their documents to have consistent branding and messaging across all platforms, which helps to maintain a unified employer brand message. 


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