The Best ATS Qualities for a Start-Up Staffing Agency

When starting a staffing agency, one of the most important steps is choosing the right applicant tracking system to complement the needs of the team. Not all applicant tracking systems are built the same, and some have features that have better applications depending on the requirements of the agency. When agencies are starting out, keeping it simple is best: focus on streamlining processes, connecting with new partners and being as efficient as possible.


Here are the top features to look for in an ATS that can help take a start up staffing agency to the next level!


Easy-to-maintain processes


Finding the simplest way to perform tasks should be a top priority for any staffing agency, regardless of how long they have been around. There are many moving parts that go into placing a candidate from start to finish, and having comprehensive and user-friendly technology to help can save a new recruiting team a lot of frustration.


Mindscope’s scheduling activity module allows recruiters to easily apply a number of different activities to a candidate, scheduling them into a calendar, and communicate those actions to the necessary parties, all from within the database. The best part? All activities that have been associated with a candidate are recorded in their candidate record for future reference, saving users from having to dig up old phone records or emails. Mindscope also has the ability to create rules-based workflows which ensure recruiters are making all of the necessary steps (phone calls, reference checks, interviews, etc.) before placing a candidate.


Simplified document creation


Creating templates is a great way to ensure standardization and consistency across branding and stylization for a new agency. In addition, having templates ready to go that recruiters can open and plug values into can end up being a huge time saver, freeing up more time to focus on tasks that require human input such as connecting with candidates and clients.


Sending cold-call emails to connect with candidates and clients is a big part of the beginning stages of starting a new agency – but it can be incredibly time-consuming. With Mindscope’s mass email and email template capabilities, recruiters can send up to 500 mass emails from the database at a time. Recruiters can also create customized templates and perform a mail merge, so every recipient receives a personalized message. Mindscope’s upcoming resume template feature also allows agencies to create their own documents in a uniform way, including resumes, cover letters and more.


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Reducing manual processes


While some trial and error is inevitable, especially in the first few months of a start-up, removing manual processes is one of the best ways to cut back on human error. Not only does this method greatly reduce the possibility of mistakes, it also saves recruiters valuable time. A recent study found that the average manager spends a minimum of eight hours a week performing manual data tasks – and in the early stages of starting a business, eight hours can go a long way.


One of the most important tasks for recruiters is finding candidates to fill positions, but manually sifting through hundreds of records can eat up a lot of time. Finding the right candidate is made easier with Mindscope’s extensive searching functionalities. Recruiters can not only search for any number of keywords within the entire database but save those searches for future use. In addition, the Placements Module alerts recruiters to when their placed candidates are about to be free to work again so they can get them ready for their next role.


Mindscope is passionate about the staffing and recruiting industry and is happy to help guide the way for agencies starting out in the business. Contact us today to learn more about our product offering or start a free 7-day trial today.