Top Tips for Social Media Recruiting

Social media recruiting is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential candidates, expand online exposure and recognition, leading to revenue growth. With nearly 70% of job seekers using social media in some capacity during their job search. More so, 73% of job seekers successfully land a job through social media – using various social media tools can be a great addition to an overall recruitment campaign.  


Every agency is unique and will benefit from a tailor-made solution to reach the right audiences. Understanding the exact elements needed for a social media strategy will vary for agencies can take continual fine-tuning. 


Here are our top tips for making social media recruitment strategies more efficient.  


Meet Candidates Where They Are 


A common misconception regarding social media is that by being actively present on all the platforms, a company will yield a higher engagement. However, considering the demographics of the candidates an agency is recruiting, using specific platforms, creating, and posting content strategically will allow for higher engagement. Demographics use social media differently. For example, 67% of people between 18-29 use Instagram regularly, compared to just 8% of people over 65.  


social media demographics


There are a number of effective methods of conducting market research, including customer surveys, monitoring competitors accounts, and more. This research will support in creating successful target marketing strategies. 


Looking into user data about what platforms are used more frequently by different age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, gender and more can provide valuable insight into where a social media strategy is more probable to succeed. For example, LinkedIn may be more effective for older professionals, whereas Instagram tends to be used more by younger demographics.  


One of Mindscope’s most popular dashboard reports – Candidates by Candidate Source, allows recruiters to dissect how candidates are being sourced, including social media sources. By identifying the key source for an agency’s candidates, adequately allocating resources, and forming strategies for these platforms, it creates a more authentic and impactful approach to interacting with potential candidates.  


Simplified Recruitment Processes 


Once candidates discover an agency through a social media source, the next step is to visit the agency’s website and job board. According to recent figures from Indeed, companies can lose up to 90% of qualified candidates due to a complicated application process, so keeping it simple is critical. 


Mindscope’s job board, developed by our marketing division TopTalent Communications, automatically parses information from a candidate’s resume, preventing manually re-enter information found on the resume. This ensures the candidate’s time is being valued and keeps them engaged in the job posting they are interested in.  


social media mindscope


Integrate with the Top Platforms 


Recruiters can take their social media recruitment game to the next level by integrating their recruitment software with some of the top social platforms, connecting the front- and back-end user experiences.  


One of Mindscope’s job board integrations – Facebook Jobs integration combines the candidate database with one of the largest candidate pools in the world. Not only can recruiters post job orders directly to Facebook Jobs from their dashboard, but when candidates apply to those jobs through Facebook, they are synced into Mindscope and a new candidate record is created, allowing recruiters to start the hiring pipeline immediately.  


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