The Top 3 ATS Features For Recruiting in 2021 and Beyond

2021 has been a whirlwind year for the staffing and recruiting world, defined by several factors including an upswing in contract staffing, widespread layoffs, and economic uncertainty. With a small semblance of normalcy returning to the professional world, some trends borne from the 2020 chaos are here to stay.  


While effective changes don’t happen overnight, adapting to the biggest recruiting trends of 2021 can be made much easier with the use of targeted applicant tracking system functionality.  


Read on to discover how Mindscope is designed to help staffing and recruiting agencies take on 2021.  


Contract hiring and re-placing candidates 


The rise of contract work is one of the biggest trends of 2021 and is one that is likely to continue for years to come. Many businesses have ramped up contract hiring significantlyproviding a number of benefit for both the employer and job seeker. In addition to hiring more contract employees, many employers have adopted a ‘hire less, build more’ model. This means rather than starting the hiring process anew for every placement, hiring managers and recruiters are looking internally placing existing candidates with transferable skills, which is proving to be a more cost-effective and efficient method. 


This new approach is effectively supported by Mindscope’s upcoming Placements module. Recruiters get a quick overview of a placement contracts that are about to expire, allowing them to proactively set up the candidate’s next assignment. In conjunction with the schedule activity feature, it is easy to re-engage with past candidates and place them in new roles, bypassing the sourcing and screening steps altogether. The scheduling activity feature allows recruiters to quickly schedule activities like phone calls and interviews with candidates and records those actions within the database. 


Taking advantage of mobile 


Mobile technology is one of the best ways to connect with candidates – and more importantly, it is the best way to ensure a response. Right now, mobile phones reign supreme. Studies have shown for years texting is the preferred method of communication for candidates to learn about new opportunities. Most job seekers (89%) use their mobile phones in their job search. Taking advantage of all the benefits mobile communication has to offer is one of the best ways to stay competitive in 2021.  


Mindscope’s integration with texting platform Nexmo brings together the convenience of texting via the Mindscope’s applicant tracking system by synchronizing and housing all communications in the database for future use. Recruiters can send up to 500 texts at a time and can even respond to texts via email, making it an easy and effective way to stay in touch.  



2021 recruiting


Soft skills are becoming more prominent  


According to 93% of hiring managers, soft skills are becoming an essential part of the candidate profile. Rounding out technical experience with interpersonal skills are becoming highly valuable assets on any resume, and recruiters are treating them the same as any hard skills in the screening process. 


If candidates are going to be listing their skills more frequently on their resumes, being able to search for those skills within an applicant tracking system can help make the placement process more streamlined and efficient. The advanced search functionalities within Mindscope’s database allow recruiters to sift through any number of skills or experiences, using basic or Boolean search criteria. In addition, users can save ‘hot lists’ of certain search terms for future use. 


Mindscope is an industry-leader in providing the staffing and recruiting world with features that help them stand out and move forward. To learn about our full product offering or to start a 7-day free trialcontact us today.