What to Know: Job Board Integrations

Job boards are one of the most important components of the staffing and recruiting industry. This component is where most candidates discover employers and positions. A recent study found that job boards are the most popular channel that job seekers use to find new opportunities – 60% of candidates use this method. 


Utilizing a user-friendly, responsive, and comprehensive job board is non-negotiable and can mean the difference between job seekers deciding whether to apply or go to a competitor. Regardless of the kind of job board that is being used or the types of candidates that are being sought after, having a job board that is complementary to the applicant tracking system in use can make a recruiter’s life that much easier.  


Need some insight on choosing the right job board and what an integration can do? Read on to discover the solutions that Mindscope has to offer. 


Mindscope Job Board Integrations 


Mindscope is formulated to integrate with the most widely used job boards on the market today, including but not limited to LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter. Additionally, Mindscope has the ability to integrate with smaller niche or location-specific job boards, often popular among industries such as healthcare and work-from-home roles. The various integration abilities available with Mindscope allows a wide range of agencies to be serviced without causing unwanted change to their job board of choice.  


In addition to collaborating with the industry’s most popular job boards, Mindscope has also developed an innovative and SEO-focused job board with our marketing counterpart, TopTalent Communications. Built as a Wordpress plug-in, the job board harmoniously integrates with the Mindscope ATS which creates dynamic, stand-alone pages for every individual job order. Best of all these pages are designed to be picked up by Google Jobs. Giving every job listing its own web page adds tremendous SEO value, driving more traffic to the agency’s website. 


Choosing the Right Job Board  


Sites like LinkedIn, Google Jobs and Indeed are large job aggregators that reach a large volume of candidate and are very popular in most industries. If connecting with large numbers of candidates is the goal, these are all favourable options and are ranked among the most user-friendly and cost-effective options year over year. One potential downside of these larger boards is that they can be more difficult to narrow down a candidate search due to their wide reach, and an influx of unqualified candidates could come through.  


While agencies might be inclined to use a more popular job boards to connect with as many job seekers as possible, there are a variety of smaller, niche boards to choose from as well. These may be more likely to target specific, specially-trained talent for particular industries, potentially reaching more suitable candidates and simplifying the sourcing process. Using a niche job board while they may draw a smaller talent pool, that talent pool may be likely to be filled with more appropriate options, when looking for specialized candidates.  


job board mindscope integration


The Easiest Integration 


Regardless of the job board in question, Mindscope’s applicant tracking system integrates seamlessly, providing a positive experience for recruiters and candidates alike.  


When candidates apply through an integrated job board, they are instantly added to the Mindscope database as a candidate record, which pulls in the candidate’s key information. This allows recruiters a seamless transition into finding the candidate a position without wasting time on manual entry. Additionally, any job order that is created in Mindscope is automatically synchronized into the front-end job board, avoiding any confusion or manual error from toggling between two programs.  


One of the most important elements in connecting with a candidate is the speed of communication. Being able to reach candidates that apply through a job board and move them into the hiring pipeline to have them place quickly and efficiently is essential. The speed at which this is done can mean the difference between hitting the recruiter’s KPI’s or having another agency place the candidate. An integration is one of the best ways to help recruiters meet those demands.  


Mindscope has several useful integrations that allow our customers to save time, energy and connect with more candidates than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about our full product offering and start a 7 day free trial.