How Recruiting Technology Can Improve Light Industrial Staffing

Using technology to make the recruitment process more efficient is a must for every staffing and recruiting agency. However, certain features and technology are better suited for different sectors. Adaptability of these tools is key, every niche has their own parameters in terms of workflow, sourcing candidates and finalizing placements. A great example of a unique staffing sector is light industrial staffing.


On average, light industrial positions are filled within 12-30 compared to other industries that can take up to 50. Many of the light industrial positions are flexible or contractual in nature. Over the past year light industrial staffing has dramatically evolved in response to shifts in ecommerce, warehousing and manufacturing, – leading to a updates in the staffing process. To manage the high demand in light industrial staffing, technology solutions have been developed to increase response rates with candidates, improved task management and create intuitive onboarding processes.


Here is a more in-depth look at how new technology has developed efficiencies and lighten the workload in the light industrial staffing sector.


Quick communication methods to reach candidates instantly


Staffing in the light industrial sector is all about volume and speed. With continuously shifting targets, meeting the needs of warehouse and construction project employers, recruiters and employers need access to candidates just as quickly as candidates need access to jobs.


Texting tools in the light industrial field are key to supporting the quick placement timeline.  Utilizing SMS texting in the staffing process is a proven tactic to engage with multiple candidates and distribute crucial information about the job instantly. Text messages have  significantly higher open rates, allowing the recruiter to connect candidates with job opportunities the moment they are posted, narrowing the possibility of a competitor reaching them.


With continuously shifting targets, meeting the needs of  warehouse and construction project employers, recruiters and employers need access to candidates just as quickly as candidates need access to jobs.


Mindscope’s integration with the texting platform Nexmo allows recruiters to reach hundreds of job seekers instantly. Recruiters have the convenience of sending messages directly from the Mindscope ATS or their mobile device. The best part of the integration is that all candidate communication is tracked in the database for future reference, allowing for a clean and organized communication record.


light industrial


Keep candidates organized


The ability to manage a high level of organization is key when it comes to handling a large volume of candidates with similar qualifications. When a person needs to find the right candidate, or twenty, sifting through hundreds of records manually is not a productive use of their time and resources.


Mindscope’s advanced searching and listing capabilities makes sourcing the perfect candidate(s) an intuitive and efficient process. The advanced search capabilities allow users to conduct a vast range of searches, from – quick Boolean searches within the database to a detailed, global search, which allows the user to source candidates from more than 100 of the most popular job boards. Navigating and growing a recruiters talent pool has never been easier.


Users can set their own column filters, allowing them to customize the candidate page, supporting a seamless viewing process that resonates with their agency. Additionally, recruiters can create their own ‘hot lists’, which organizes candidates into lists based on their unique criteria formula, saving these lists for all future needs.


Onboarding made simple


Onboarding is a key step in all hiring processes, and when done thoughtfully, it can lend itself to higher retention rates and employee productivity. The onboarding process is a chance for new hires to get oriented with their workplace, company culture, and ensure all necessary documentation is completed for a smooth transition into the new company.


Trying to keep track of onboarding hundreds of new light industrial employees, and while ensuring all the boxes are checked can be a headache, since managers have countless responsibilities on their plates. Mindscope’s integration with onboarding software Able, eliminates manual processes, making the onboarding process up to 90% more efficient. New hires can complete all their documentation from their mobile devices. Additionally, the candidate is sent reminders to complete steps that may have be left incomplete– eliminating the need to track candidates down for vital info.


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