Why You Need to Be Using Mobile Recruitment in 2021

The increased usage in mobile phones for day-to-day tasks is one of the biggest growing technology trends over the past few years. This has created a shift in the way people interact on their phones and computers. Due to convenience, mobility, and accessibility, the spike in mobile users has increased 6% annually, with more and more people using their phones for job searches. Noticing this ongoing trend, it is crucial for recruiting agencies to have the ability to create processes that are mobile friendly.


Read on for further insight into how agencies can use mobile recruitment, its importance in full cycle recruiting and how Mindscope’s software can help.


Increased Screen Time Equals Increased Search Time


Internet and social media usage have drastically increased over the course of the pandemic, with figures ranging from 40% to 100% depending on location. Many people have shifted aspects of their daily lives onto a smaller screen: shopping, entertainment, communication and now with increased popularity, job searching.


Many job seekers are using their mobile devices in their job search – 89%, according to a recent study – causing recruiting agencies to begin to implement more mobile specific recruiting processes and strategies. Mobile recruitment strategies for agencies and recruiters include heightened social media presence,  mobile-optimized job boards and connecting via text for immediate response. As people continue to become more reliant on their phones – the inability to complete a recruiting process from a mobile device creates a roadblock for active job seekers, while limiting prospects for recruiters.


Mobile Recruitment Adds Another Facet to the Remote Work Era


With the shift into more remote work, being able to recruit from a mobile device has become essential. Knowing we are in a candidate driven recruiting market, instant interaction can be the difference between hitting a hiring target or having a competitor land them. Having the ability to communicate with candidates and clients instantly, gives recruiters the competitive advantage.


Having all recruiting devices connected to each other is a vital feature when implementing mobile workflows. The ability to have technology track and synchronize all candidate communication for multiple devices, linking it to the agency’s ATS ensures all information is stored in one secure database, allowing recruiters to quickly pick up right where they left off.


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Texting Means Faster, More Competitive Staffing


The open rate for text messages is nearly 100%, with 97% of texts read with 15 minutes, whereas email open rates sit between 28-33%. This further creates the case for flexibility in recruiting communication tools, ensuring that the candidate is being reached.


While beneficial in all staffing and recruiting sectors, the use of SMS messaging during a candidate search is critical for temporary or contract staffing like the warehousing and light industrial industries. Temporary and contract hiring is extremely quick paced and competitive; having a mobile-friendly hiring strategy has the potential to increase hiring rates by 12%. This will minimize the opportunity for other agencies to poach candidates while creating a seamless hiring process for the candidate.


Mindscope’s Nexmo Integration


Mindscope has integrated with Nexmo – creating an elevated texting platform for recruiters mobile recruitment tactics. With the Nexmo integration, all texting communication is automatically tracked and synchronized to the candidate’s record in Mindscope, while using a personally generated number, separate from the recruiter’s personal mobile number.


Firms have the ability to bulk message via SMS directly from the Mindscope system, eliminating multiplatform usage, allowing for maximized communication efficiencies. “Having an integration synced directly to the database, allowing someone to send a text message to 500 people at once means an increased advantage to filling positions at a quicker rate to competitors,” says Shelby Stewart, sales representative at Mindscope.


For long term job satisfaction, increased efficiencies and higher candidate placements, this integration package is worth the monthly fees.


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