Re-Engaging with Past Skilled Labour Placements

Reconnecting with past candidates is a great cost savings tool, this allows recruiters to save time, ensure consistency across contracts and create reoccurring revenue. In 2021, one key industry would benefit from re-engaging past placements and renewing contracts more regularly –  skilled trades, which are currently facing an unprecedented labour gap.  


To combat the ongoing skilled trades shortage, re-hiring existing labourers rather than sourcing, screening, and training new people is a more cost and time-effective method.  


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The rise of contract labour  


The appeal of contract work has been expanding across more industries, specifically over the last year and a half. The consideration rate for hiring contract and temporary workers, has increased drastically, both out of necessity and a preference by candidates. Nearly 70% of employers noted they are looking to move toward bringing on more contract employees year over year.  


Still, a labour gap remains, with a projected shortage in the hundreds of thousands for some sectors. For example, welding could see a shortage of up to 450,000 jobs and the construction industry could see a shortage of 430,000, in the United States alone. These figures only account for the remain 5 months of 2021 and are expected to grow year over year. Keeping the tradespeople that are currently employed and continuing to reemploy them is key to holding the ever growing labour shortages. 


Quick and easy onboarding 


Onboarding is one of the most important aspects of employing a new hire – however, it can also be one of the most tedious. When it comes to filling out paperwork and ensuring all new hires are up to date with training and certifications, keeping the process simple and efficient gives recruiting agencies an edge in the industry. Effective onboarding increases job satisfaction and productivity, while reducing administrative errors that could prevent contract renewal. Yet, only around 12% of new hires agree that their organization conducted a successful onboarding.  


Mindscope’s integration with Able makes the onboarding process streamline and painless. With an entirely mobile-optimized interface and reminders that are automatically sent out when information is missing from the candidate’s documents. Both the recruiter and candidate can stay informed on what is required of them, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding. 


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Always stay a step ahead 


Making great placements and re-engaging with existing ones starts with a user-friendly and effective applicant tracking system. Mindscope’s Placements module is the latest addition to an already robust and efficient system. Entirely customizable, the Placements module gives recruiters a comprehensive overview of all their currently placed contracts – and more importantly, when their contracts are about to expire.  


Providing workers with consistent placements have obvious benefits for the candidates, but this strategy supports reoccurring methods for more placements and driving more revenue for the agency. Knowing when a placed candidate is about to finish their current contract allows recruiters to line up their next potential assignment – before the candidate is placed by a competitor.  


The module will be launching this fall – stay tuned!  


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