What to Know: Rehiring Healthcare Placements

Re-engaging with past placements is a strategic way to cut costs, improve placement volume and save recruiter energy. In industries such as healthcare, however, staffing contracts typically have many moving parts, making the process more complex than the average hire. Working in healthcare staffing involves keeping track of certifications, credentials, licenses and an array of other documentation to ensure all legal requirements are being met.  


Maneuvering through the intricacies of contractual healthcare placements is painless with the right applicant tracking system. With Mindscope’s highly-anticipated Placements module, recruiters can navigate the important data related to staffing contracts with ease and confidence, as well as strengthen new and existing professional relationships.  


Read on to discover how this feature can empower recruiters to engage more effectively with their contractual medical candidates.  


The appeal of locum tenens contracts  


Working temporary or contract positions has long been an attractive way of making a living. In the wake of one of the most unique professional years in modern history, several  industries are embracing the benefits of contractual workers.  


In particular, healthcare employment has evolved drastically over the last year and a half, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While it seemed like a sudden onset, the pandemic only exacerbated an ongoing problem – an aging population, and high demand for healthcare talent, with a limited number of new permanent professionals entering the field. In order to combat a shortage of full-time talent, 85% of hospitals turned to using locum tenens staff in the United States alone.  


Many locum tenens healthcare workers note the flexibility of contract assignments, the opportunity to travel and high pay rates, as reasons for pursuing this style of work rather than permanent positions.  


Renewing healthcare licenses 


The appeal of locum tenens employment is undeniable – nearly 6 out of 10 healthcare workers have switched to locum tenens work mid-career. A key shift for both the recruiter and the candidate is staying in contact throughout each contract. Staying on top of renewing licenses and credentials, allows the recruiter to redeploy the candidate, creating a more fluid placement process, and satisfying both the healthcare worker as well as their employer. 


Medical licenses and credentials need to be updated regularly, usually every one to two years. In addition, license requirements vary between different locations and circumstances. In the United States, for example, compact licenses which allow interstate practice have gained popularity during the height of the pandemic. This allows professionals to save on registration and renewal costs, giving them the ability to work more freely. However, medical professionals typically need to obtain a new license for every region they wish to practice in. This makes a license and credential tracking process key for contract placement success. 


Among the most significant bottle necks in redeploying healthcare candidates are vetting documents and ensuring they will not expire prior to the next placement. Scrambling to collect adequate documention prior to a placement is a hassle and disappointment for the candidate, while reflecting poorly on the agency trying to place them.  


Mindscope offers a license and credentialing table, empowering recruiters to better support their talent while ensuring the efficacy of their database. The table will show the recruiter how close their healthcare candidates’ licenses are to expiring. The validity of all licenses in the database can be viewed as a pie chart, which can be drilled all the way down to specific candidates. Moreso, the table can be set-up with triggers that automatically notify candidates when it is time to renew their licenses, reducing the agency’s risk of placing an ineligible employee. 


healthcare mindscope


Mindscope Placements Module 


Healthcare contracts that end on a positive note for both employee and employer always present the potential to continue the relationship by bringing that worker on for another stint. According to a recent study, more than two-thirds (67%) of locum tenens workers said they choose a staffing agency based on how many opportunities that agency could offer them. Offering the same workers multiple placements can reduce costs and save on sourcing time. For an agency to be successful with locum staffing, it is imperative that recruiters stay diligent to avoid any administrative hurdles along the way. 


Mindscope’s upcoming Placements module organizes everything a recruiter needs to know about their past and current candidates in one place. The module not only displays all the candidate’s assignments, skills, and experiences, but keeps tabs on all the candidate’s necessary documentation, licenses, and credentialsPerhaps most importantly, the module will track and note when contracts are coming to an end so that recruiters can work on re-engaging their talent without skipping a beat 


Mindscope’s Placements module is just one of many innovative and intuitive features that support our customers to reach the next level, putting them ahead of their competitors. Contact us today to start a free 7-day trial.