The Features Your Applicant Tracking System Needs in 2021

As of 2021, it is now common for staffing and recruiting agencies to use applicant tracking systems. However, not every applicant tracking system is built equal. In order to accelerate placements and grow the business, your ATS must be equipped with innovative functionality, allowing users to efficiently connect with both candidates and clients amid the ever-changing professional landscape.


To account for newly remote teams, shifting habits of job seekers and the need to stay organized from a distance, applicant tracking systems must offer several features to keep up. Meticulously selecting functionality will fortify recruiting efforts. Applicant tracking systems that are intuitive and easily adaptable will have a substantial impact on a recruiter’s job satisfaction and workplace longevity.


Here are the key features to look for when selecting a new applicant tracking system this year.


A Quick and Accurate Parsing Tool


Eliminating redundancies and overly complicated processes is a top priority when streamlining recruiting efforts. Parsing is one of the most important features offered by recruiting technology, saving users a great deal of time and energy every day. Still, the parsing capabilities of many ATS’ can be limited and plagued by inaccuracies.


Mindscope partners with DaXtra as its parsing engine. Widely recognized as the world’s best parsing tool, it ensures as complete and accurate datasets as is possible with modern technology. Utilizing the power of DaXtra combined with advanced proprietary technology, Mindscope can offer innovative solutions to its users. Shazaam, a Mindscope parsing feature, is a Google Chrome extension which effortlessly parses from any candidate (or client) source across the internet, such as job boards and social media. All relevant candidate information is collected with a single click, creating a new record in the system, or updating an existing one. In a candidate-driven market, where recruiters must use a variety of sources to get their hands on top talent, the ability  to parse information directly from any webpage is the key to saving time and building a strong talent pool.


A Rules-Based Workflow – Staying Organized and Consistent


Staying organized and offering business consistency needs to remain a top priority in 2021. Having standardized processes in place to support a recruiting pipeline is one of the best ways to keep all team members on track, ensuring that nothing important slips through the cracks. With a strong recruiting process, an agency can increase their focus on providing thorough customer service and consistently make strong hiring decisions, rather than mitigating recruiter mishaps.


The ability to manipulate and adapt the recruiting workflow is essential to creating agility within an everchanging workforce. The technological capabilities to develop multiple workflows based on different job postings and/or clients is a nonnegotiable feature when developing a world class hiring process.


Mindscope provides its users with a fully customizable rules-based workflow feature that makes standardization simple. Not only does it allow you to move through the hiring pipeline with ease and confidence, it’s also a failsafe, ensuring the candidate is qualified prior to moving to the next stage in the process. In a highly competitive recruiting climate, removing the stress of a potential error occurring is imperative for continued success in a fast-paced industry.


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Onboarding Integration: Setting New Hires Up for Success


Offering a smooth and efficient onboarding experience is one of the best opportunities to provide value to new hires. Organizations with smooth onboarding processes can improve retention by 82% –   specifically in industries with high volume hiring, such as the light industrial field.  Quick and efficient onboarding processes decrease turnover rates, further supporting the success of clients and candidates alike, and thus boosting the agency’s bottom line.


Mindscope’s integration with onboarding platform Able, is user-friendly, mobile-optimized and an overall time-saver for all individuals involved in the hiring process. By eliminating manual processes, recruiters are able to automate aspects of the onboarding process such as I-9 verification, and the completion of all preliminary sign-on documents.


Remote Recruiting Capabilities, to Manage from Afar


Experts are estimating between 25-30% of the workforce will remain working remotely on a permanent basis, making it imperative for employers to implement easy to use task tracking. Managers need to be empowered to continue to track their team’s efforts, even from a distance.


Mindscope’s Remote Recruiting Dashboard allows management to monitor a variety of metrics. These metrics include sign-on and off time, as well as idle periods within the applicant tracking system, the number of activities performed per recruiter within a given timeframe, including phone calls, emails and interviews as well as other factors to provide insight for inefficiencies.


Integration with Your Job Board


A high functioning applicant tracking system and job board are the lifeblood of an agency’s success. Internal and external components such as job orders, keywords and your website need to work in synergy with one another in order to better organize your open jobs and placements. With the right job board, each of your job postings can also contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), directing even more candidates back to your website than ever before and boosting your online visibility.


TopTalent Communications, a divison of Mindscope, offers an Integrated Job Board Plug-in that seamlessly works in conjunction with the applicant tracking system. All job orders created in Mindscope can be uploaded to the job board, with applicants flowing directly back into the database. Jobs are automatically formatted to be picked up by Google Jobs as well as the search engine’s crawlers to ensure superior SEO rankings. This seamless flow of data creates a cohesive and streamlined recruiting process from start to finish.


Mindscope is always happy to contribute to the discussion surrounding the latest in recruiting technology to help our clients succeed. Contact us to learn how we can help your agency thrive or start your 7-day free trial today.