How Recruitment Marketing Improves Your Bottom Line

Regardless of sector, when it comes to marketing the sentiment is almost always the same: the more effort you put into your strategy, the more you get back.


Staffing and recruiting agencies are uniquely positioned in the sense that they simultaneously must appeal to two very different audiences: employers looking for candidates, and job seekers looking for employment. At the same time, it is important to differentiate your agency in the ever evolving and competitive professional climate. While it can seem like a lot to take on, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy can both improve your visibility and audience as well as save you money in the long run.


Here are our top reasons why investing in a strong recruitment marketing strategy can positively affect your bottom line.


Organic Traffic and Leads


In the constantly evolving digital landscape, there are many ways to get your name out there amongst the competition – however, if used non-strategically they can end up very costly. While routes such as pay-per-click campaigns and sponsored advertisements may certainly add value, they are only a piece of a strong marketing strategy. Gaining traction through organic content marketing methods such as posting on social media and blogging is typically a more cost-effective path and can garner real long-term results.


Blogs are not only a way to pass along informative and relevant content to position yourself as an industry expert, but they are also a way to attract new customers. A recent study found that 57% of respondents gained at least one new customer specifically through their blogging efforts.


Social media is another great place to formulate professional relationships: 1 in 10 candidates have found a job through social media, and nearly 8 in 10 use these platforms regularly in their job search. Social media sites are teeming with both ready-to-work and passive candidates and can be a far less expensive option than traditional sourcing methods.


Employer and Company Branding


One of the best ways to stand out from the competition as an agency that candidates and employers alike will want to collaborate with is to identify a unique employer brand. Carving a name out for your staffing and recruiting agency amongst the competition is critical not only for your current customers, but for your potential future clients as well. Even if an employer or candidate isn’t ready to work with a search partner quite yet, they are more likely to seek you out again you if you have a distinct and memorable image that stands out in their minds.


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Reach More Accurate Markets


One of the biggest metrics that staffing and recruiting professionals are concerned with is the cost-per-hire, or perhaps more accurately, keeping that cost down. According to recent research, the impact and cost of a bad hire has been even worse over the past year, with the process of identifying and replacing a bad hire accounting for up to 16 weeks at a time. Unfilled job openings, as well as the time and energy it takes to replace an unfit hire, can result in a lot of unwanted costs.


While it may take some trial and error, investing in digital marketing techniques that allow you to reach more appropriate audiences can increase your likelihood of making better hiring decisions, which can in turn reduce your cost-per-hire. Harnessing valuable data about your target audiences and being able to adjust your approaches where necessary can help you to narrow in on the exact kinds of clients and candidates you are looking for.


Integrated Job Board


The job board is arguably the most important feature of any staffing and recruiting website, and for this reason, it should be working as hard as it possibly can to reach more candidates and lessen your administrative burden. Having a job board that integrates seamlessly with your applicant tracking software and hosts job postings that can be picked up by Google means that your processes will not only be more streamlined and secure – but you are also likely to save money along the way.


With TopTalent Communications’ innovative integrated job board, your jobs are both visible on your website in the form of individual, static pages as well as designed to be picked up by the world’s largest aggregator: Google Jobs. So, in addition to providing significant SEO value, the right job board can also increase your candidate quality and website traffic to provide a bigger return on investment.


Reducing your time, energy and most importantly, costs, can be achieved through a number of strategic digital marketing tactics. Want to learn more about recruitment marketing and how it can positively affect your agency? Our marketing division, TopTalent Communications, would be happy to lend their expertise. Visit our website today to get started: TopTalent Communications.