Outlook Plug-In for Mindscope’s new UI/UX is NOW AVAILABLE

The time has come! Mindscope Staffing and Recruitment Software’s most popular feature is now available for its cutting-edge UI/UX.

The system’s powerful Outlook Plug-In automatically syncs inbound and outbound emails in both directions between Mindscope and Outlook and color-codes them.  It also allows recruiters to:

  • Parse resumes that are attached to emails into the database
  • Parse job descriptions attached to emails to create job orders
  • Upload documents attached to emails to candidate, contact and/or job order profiles
  • Attach candidates to job orders and/or hot lists,
  • Schedule activities independently or tied to job orders.
  • Pull up candidate and client contact profiles right from within Outlook

Step 1:

In your Outlook, select “File” > “Office Account” > “About Outlook” to get your BIT version.

It will either read 32bit or 64bit.  In the example above, we are running 32bit. Use this information to determine which file you need to download.

Step 2:

Download your BIT version here –

Important Note: If you choose to “Auto Sync” your emails, please be sure to do so over your lunch break or when you’ve finished up your workday. While the installation is running, you will be unable to access your Outlook account. For Inboxes that are a year or older, this can take 20 minutes or longer.

Step 3: CLOSE OUTLOOK (this is a MUST)

Step 4:

  1. Run installation file
  2. Open Outlook again

Step 5:

When the OPI installs, it will ask you for your email, your Mindscope password and your App URL, which is your database link (ex. https://curaweb4.mindscope.com/…..)


We’re always here to lend a hand! Should you have any questions or need assistance with your installation please don’t hesitate to reach out.


1-888-322-2362 x 1