Why Your ATS Needs a Customizable, Rules-Based Workflow

In the professional world, having a set of standardized procedures in place for your employees to follow helps to boost efficiency, accuracy and consistency in your operations and can contribute positively to your bottom line. Especially in the wake of COVID-19, when business in general has been volatile, deploying reliable and systematic processes that are being fulfilled and tracked is more important than ever. In the realm of staffing and recruiting, your workflow determines the specific steps and stages that your recruitment team must follow in order to place a candidate.


While many staffing agencies follow a similar process – source, pre-screen, interview, place – there is almost always a degree of difference that set them apart from one another. It could mean receiving certain documents, phoning references, or hosting multiple interviews before moving on to the next stage; actions that may be specific to your agency alone, or in some cases, specific to a particular client or job order.


While you may have your workflows down pat in your head or located in a spreadsheet somewhere, it is important that everyone on your team is aligned. Having your workflow integrated into your applicant tracking system takes your recruiting effectiveness into new territory. Mindscope’s customizable, rules-based workflow capabilities enable admin users to set user-definable steps and actions that reflect the processes of their specific company, clients and/or job orders, ensuring uniformity with every placement.


Read on to discover why your agency will benefit from this feature!

Different Agency = Different Workflow


Having a workflow in place helps to streamline and simplify your recruiting processes. However, every staffing and recruiting firm is bound to have a unique set of sourcing, screening, and interview parameters that make sense for them and help them stand out amongst the competition. An executive search firm is inevitably going to differ from a light industrial staffing agency, with variations in what determines their most effective search strategy. Simply put, not all agencies operate by the same processes and protocols – so the workflows that their ATS houses should follow the same principle.

Having the freedom to choose from a number of different actions and steps to build a workflow that makes sense for your recruiting staff means less mistakes, more organization, more efficiency and, ultimately, more placements made. Within the Mindscope workflow tool, recruiters can see an overview of a particular workflow at a quick glance, including seeing metrics like how many candidates are at each stage of the process, how long they have been there and how many more actions need to be taken to make a placement. Having all of this information available will make your staff’s life much easier, and also lend itself to improving communication between you and your clients.


mindscope workflow


Multiple Different Workflows


Using the exact same workflow for every client or job order within one company isn’t always the best strategy, either. Within a staffing and recruiting agency, there may be some variance between different types of clients or jobs that don’t necessarily require the same process. Identifying the specific parameters needed for each different client and/or job can help recruiters better allocate time, money and resources.


Mindscope allows recruiters to set multiple different workflow configurations, specific to employment type (temp, perm, contract), client type or even by recruiter, adding or removing as many steps as necessary to create the most effective process for the situation at hand. You can also save workflows and duplicate them for future use, so that recruiters do not need to design a new process for every job. Having these available with just a few clicks helps make sure you never miss a step.


Rules-Based Workflows Eliminate Mistakes


One of the biggest concerns for any recruiter is ensuring that every box has been checked before presenting candidates to your clients. Having a procedure recorded somewhere is a good place to start, but even the most seasoned recruiter can fall victim to a mistake here and there. Using a workflow program eliminates manual processes, greatly reducing the potential for human error.


Mindscope’s rules-based workflow is configured so that a recruiter cannot move a candidate forward without first completing the previous required step, and that candidate cannot be presented to a client if all steps are not completed. This prevents recruiters from putting forth a candidate who has not finished the mandatory processes required of them, a mistake that can cost your agency time and potentially reputation. Mindscope’s workflow feature also has the ability to move candidates forward – and backward, if necessary – with a drag-and-drop feature, improving the user-friendliness of the whole process.


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