Why You Need to Stop Using an Iframe Job Board

For staffing agencies, among the most crucial considerations is the visibility and usability of your job board – is yours working as hard for you as it can? Job boards are commonly viewed either through an inline frame (iframe) and embedded into your webpage or hosted on a third-party website and linked to your company website. If your goal is solely to post jobs associated with your company, an iframe or hosted job board page will accomplish this.


However, in an age where it is increasingly important to boost online visibility – enabling candidates see your jobs while differentiating your agency from your peer – these outdated methods fall short on delivering a competitive experience.


Here are a few factors to consider when evaluating a job board for your agency, and the reasons why an integrated job board is the most effective option.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Jobs


When your jobs are only accessible through an iframe or hosted webpage, they are not actually living on your website. Their content and keywords do not contribute to your website’s overall search engine optimization (SEO), because they are hosted in another location. There is a lot of valuable content that is contained within an average job description – let alone hundreds of job descriptions – that can effectively boost your company’s visibility, but only if the content is actually a part of your website.


Why is SEO important for your job board? Simply put, if you want your jobs to be found online, they need to be searchable. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to integrate your job board with your website, rather than having it live elsewhere.


A truly integrated job board such as the one developed by our marketing division, TopTalent Communications, means that each and every job posting not only lives on your website, but each posting has its own stand alone, dynamic webpage. These pages are packed with strategic keywords, individual meta descriptions and are search engine optimized, so that potential job seekers can find them organically.


First to Google Jobs


Your jobs and application rates benefit from higher visibility, but the TopTalent job board goes one step further by automatically formatting your job orders to be picked up by the world’s largest job aggregator: Google Jobs. Considering more than 70% of candidates start their search on Google, this is a feature you can’t afford to skip out on.


Traditionally, agency jobs only appear on Google Jobs via expensive job boards like Indeed and Career Builder, which is costly and a lost investment into your own website. Our integrated job board initiates a call to Google and uniquely formats jobs from within your ATS to be picked up by the search engine. By streamlining this important step, recruiters can save time while improving the visibility of each and every one of their postings.


mindscope iframe job board


Candidate Experience and More Applicants


The usability of your job board is arguably one of its most important aspects. If your iframe or hosted webpage is riddled with issues, your candidates will simply move along to the next competitor. Around 60% of job seekers have abandoned an application if it is too long or complicated – indicating just how important the candidate experience is when it comes to your job postings.


Applicants are at the heart of your company’s success, and so their experience should be given the utmost consideration. The TopTalent job board parses resume information for faster application completion, so candidates don’t have to enter the same information twice. This eliminates one of the most common job board redundancies. Not only will this increase the likelihood of applicants completing the process, it will position your company’s employer reputation as one that values your candidates’ time.


Website Design & Mobile Optimization


Website design can truly make or break your business. Superficial as it may sound, the flow and appeal of your website is extremely important and having a job board that seamlessly integrates on a visual level with the rest of your design is a smart idea.


An iframe or a hosted webpage will inevitably take on the design of their hosting location, rather than the aesthetic of your website, causing some visual disconnect. Being able to choose your custom colours, fonts and filters is one detail that ends up holding a lot more weight than you might think: a recent survey concluded that as much as 75% of a website’s credibility comes from its design.


Additionally, ensuring that your job board is functional from a mobile device is non-negotiable. According to a recent study, nearly 50% of users say that if a company’s website is not mobile optimized, it is an indication of the company simply not caring about their users. The same sentiment rings true for your job board. A majority of job seekers use their phones in their job search, and if your candidates can’t use your job board on their phones, you could be facing a significant drop in applicants.


Mindscope’s marketing division, TopTalent Communications, has developed the most innovative job board on the market. From SEO-maximization to user-friendly design, the TTC Job Board is going to revolutionize your 2021 recruiting experience. To learn more visit www.toptalentcom.com today or email us directly at sales@mindscope.com.