The Best Collaboration Technology You Should Be Using

If you are like the majority of the business world, chances are you and your team have been working remotely for the past few months. This phenomenon is likely to last for some time, even after COVID-19 related recommendations are no longer in place. One of the best ways to make the most of working from a distance is to implement the use of collaboration technology, which aims to better facilitate work and communication among teams.

A recent study found that during the pandemic, one in five workers was using a new piece of technology, and an impressive 62% were using collaboration technology with their teams since working remotely. These types of programs are typically more efficient, user-friendly and conducive to multiple users than phone calls or emails, and they are also reinforcing the idea that teams can be just as effective from a distance.

Here are some of the best collaboration platforms and software you should be using while working remotely.

Messaging Applications

We are sure that any recruiter would agree, cutting down on the number of emails they send and receive in a day would be a welcome change. For quick, shorter messages that you want to send your team, email may not be the best method – they tend to get lost in the mix of longer messages and can take a while to return. Collaborative instant messaging software such as Slack have found the sweet spot between the formality of emails and the casual nature of a text message. They make it easier to share short messages, files and documents in a more time-sensitive manner, leaving your inbox free for client and candidate communication.

Project Management Tools

When you work with a big team and have many projects on the go, it can be helpful to have one collaborative project management program with deadlines and timelines that everyone can refer to. Platforms like allow multiple users to contribute to projects and delegate tasks, streamlining your team’s workflows and removing the need for frequent meetings or calls.

In recent months, has seen a 37% increase in user signups, alluding to the fact that more teams are working remotely and are becoming more effective with this kind of technology.


Task Lists

For keeping track of day-to-day tasks (personal and professional) and giving your team reminders, to-do lists are everyone’s best friend. Platforms such as Trello help your team create to-do lists and calendars and can be shared with everyone else on the team so that everyone is on the same page. It’s easy for managers to assign tasks or move them from one team member to another. These tools are also typically mobile-optimized, so you can add an item even when you don’t have your laptop in front of you.

Application Tracking System Features

In order to help our customers through this unique time of remote collaboration, Mindscope has a number of features that can lend themselves to making your team’s remote productivity soar.

Our Remote Recruiting Dashboard, set to launch this month, allows managers to track their team’s productivity from a distance by measuring metrics like ‘number of emails sent per day’ and ‘number of calls made per week’. Manager can also see when their team members sign in and out of the system, and how much idle time was spent while logged in. This prevents managers from micromanaging and only stepping in when it is evident there is a problem.

Within the system, team leads have the ability to assign recruiters to different candidates or job orders. Every member of your team has their own Mindscope record, and when one team member performs an activity, it is reflected throughout the entire system. Working remote doesn’t need to mean working alone – we are all in this together!

Mindscope is always ready to help our customers find creative and collaborative ways to work through these unprecedented times. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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