Helping Your Team Adjust to Remote Recruiting Practices

These days, it seems like the entire business world is undergoing a remote makeover. What initially started as a response to social distancing efforts enforced by the outbreak of COVID-19, many employers are now finding that remote work can be just as practical and productive as coming into the office. However, in industries like recruitment which rely so heavily on face-to-face interaction, the transition may take a little more time to adjust to.

If you are a recruiter and have not only found yourself in the position of having to adjust to a remote routine, but also to lead a team in doing the same, this post is for you. Read on for our top tips on helping your team adjust to a remote recruiting practice.

Communicate with your Recruiters Frequently

Some people are going to adapt better and faster to remote work than others, and as a manager, you don’t want anyone to fall behind. Keep communication alive and accessible, so that your staff doesn’t feel like they are going through the transition on their own. Make yourself available when your team has questions or concerns and promote brainstorming sessions to find a system that works. Staying in touch with virtual meetings and phone calls on a regular basis will help establish a sense of normalcy and encourage your team members to reach out.

Also, if you feel it is appropriate, communicate to your candidates and clients that your team is amidst a remote transition, to account for any hiccups in service along the way. During periods of turbulence, the best thing you can do is keep lines of communication open.

Encourage Collaboration and Teamwork

Around 75% of employees regard collaboration and teamwork as being ‘very important’, and understandably so. Working together is often much more productive than working solo, especially when trying to navigate something that feels foreign, such as recruiting from a distance.

Look into different ways that your team can connect with one another and support collaboration among your staff. This not only promotes workplace camaraderie (something that your team members may be missing; around three-quarters of employees say they have a sense of social companionship at work), but it allows your team members to all stay on the same professional page. It’s essential that your team works together so that you can face your customers as a united front.

Use Technology

Not only should your team be well-versed in technology in order to communicate and connect with one another, they need to know how to use it to its full potential in order to reach candidates and clients. Even after the quarantine lifts, many remote practices could remain viable options for communicating with customers, so perhaps holding workshops or seminars on virtual recruitment practices is in your team’s best long-term interest.

And, if you’re worried about productivity slipping, with Mindscope’s innovative new Remote Recruiting Dashboard (the launch of which is right around the corner) you can now be empowered to oversee your team’s recruiting efforts from a safe distance, all in one place! This innovative feature allows you to see a range of metrics of your staff, such as their log in time and how many emails and calls they make within a given time period. It’s a great way to track your team’s efforts and help them stay accountable without constantly asking them.

Mindscope is always here to support our customers make the most of their recruitment efforts and help them make more placements, even from a distance! Contact us today to see how we can help.

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