Using Recruitment Tech to Communicate With Your Candidates During COVID-19

Ensuring you communicate through multiple avenues is very important amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Pandemic or no pandemic, connecting with customers is one of the most important actions a business can take. A staggering 81% of job seekers said that if employers provided them with continuous status updates, their overall candidate experience would greatly improve.

While it’s always important for recruiters to communicate with their talent pool, now is the time to demonstrate exactly who you are as a company. The way that you conduct business now will determine how people view your business once operations return to normal. Providing frequent, informative and helpful communication will go a long way in maintaining your image in the eyes of your future candidates. Thankfully, the modern era provides countless ways to communicate with someone electronically, and recruiters would be wise to take advantage of ‘recruitech’ in order to reach their potential candidates.

Here are some tips on using recruitment technology to communicate with your candidates during the COVID-19 crisis.

Email and Newsletters

Sending newsletters or email communications is a good way to address a large number of people at once but be mindful of the fact that most companies will be sending email communication surrounding their response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is possible that a full inbox of similar messages may deter the adoration of some people, especially if the emails they’re receiving provide little value.

When sending out a newsletter or email to your contacts surrounding COVID-19, try to keep it short and succinct. Experts suggest that an influx of emails is leading to a possible decrease in open and read rates; if this is the case, you want to get your message across as efficiently as possible, and avoid sending multiple messages to the same person.

Bombarding clients with too much monotonous detail is a sure-fire way to make it to the junk mail folder. Mindscope’s mass email tool is built using technology that’s designed to prevent your messages from being marked as spam! On top of that, you can personalize each message with templates, allowing you to customize details such as the contact’s first name, the job(s) you may be referencing and more! To top it off, our Outlook Integration makes it easy to keep track of all of your email communication to prevent message repetition, synchronizing your inbox, sent items, meetings, tasks, calendar and contact information to your Mindscope database, so that you never skip a beat.

The way that you conduct business now will determine how people view your business once operations return to normal.

SMS Texting

Most candidates (and people in general) are on their mobiles phones at all hours of the day, and that usage has been even higher during the COVID-19 era. If you are finding that traditional routes like email aren’t getting the responses you are looking for, moving towards less conventional methods like texting might be an avenue to explore.

We aim to make communicating with your candidates easy for everyone involved. Our SMS texting capabilities allow you to send up to 500 texts at a time! These may be job alerts, interview reminders, request to set-up a pre-screen or whatever it is you need to say. Using this feature means that the entire two-way communication is stored in your candidate’s file, so that you can reference the conversation in future interactions.

Social Media

Social media has grown into so much more than a way to share content – it’s one of the most common ways that people stay in contact with one another. As the past few years have taught us, a good chunk of job seekers live on social media – and that number has only climbed since the inception of the COVID-19 lockdown. Instagram and Facebook usage, for example, is up over 40%!

Being present and active on social media is an obvious necessity, but you should also consider using these platforms as a way to communicate with potential job seekers about your open positions or other questions they might have about your company. Fortunately, Mindscope allows you to post jobs to all major social platforms. Being responsive on the platforms that your audience spends the bulk of their time will reflect positively on you as an employer – one who is doing everything they can to reach candidates where they are.

We’re is committed to providing our customers with innovative methods to take on the COVID-19 crisis. If you have any questions about our plan to navigate these challenging times, click here or contact us today.

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