Best Virtual Recruitment Practices During COVID-19

In a scenario where business operations are steadily moving to online platforms, now is the time to review and improve your virtual recruitment practices to accommodate the changing hiring climate. While virtual interviews and meetings have boomed in popularity as a convenient and socially distant alternative to in-person interactions, remote hiring practices won’t stop there.

Depending on the lasting effects of this outbreak, it’s a likely reality that activities such as onboarding, engagement and communication will get a virtual makeover as well. Even if things return to normal sooner than we anticipate, developing a standardized set of remote practices to have on hand as a flexible option is a future-proof idea.

Read on for some insight into transforming your recruitment practices for a virtual era.

Virtually Connecting With Potential Candidates

Pre-screening your candidates is typically already conducted over the phone or via email, but because you likely won’t get a chance to meet them in person for a while, ensuring that this process is as revealing as possible will work to your advantage. Sending out pre-screening surveys and skills tests is a good way to help save you time and energy in sourcing the best of the best.

Mindscope offers an integration that allows you to quickly and accurately determine whether or not candidates meet your requirements. Our Kenexa PROVEIT! Integration helps you collect data from candidate quizzes and assessments to get the information that matters to you and your jobs. You can also build custom questionnaires within Mindscope that are unique to your business, client and/or job order. You can then save these for future use or adjust them at any time.

Many job seekers apply to postings from their mobile phones, so meeting them where they are is a no-brainer. If you need to connect with a large number of candidates at once, our SMS texting capabilities are an efficient method of doing so. Capitalize on the fact that mobile phone usage has soared over the past several weeks by sending important updates and job alerts to up to 500 candidates at once – plus, all of the communication gets tracked for future use! Responses will be received in the system and attached to the appropriate contact profile.

Remote Onboarding Process

One of the most important steps in a new hires future success is the onboarding process, where they get a feel for their responsibilities as well as the company culture. Gestures such as offering an office tour and introducing your new employee to the team are done in person, so removing the human element from this process seems unnatural – albeit, in these times, necessary.

There are a few things you can do to ensure your virtual onboarding practices are successful. Consider assigning your new hire a ‘virtual mentor’, someone similar to their position or who may have previously held their position, as a way to show them the ropes through a series of virtual meetings.  Making sure your new hire is engaged right from the beginning is crucial in their continued success. Another option is to host an office Zoom ‘party’ to welcome new employees and introduce everybody.

Mindscope’s onboarding tool is a great way to help your new employees complete their onboarding paperwork and integrate with the team seamlessly – from their mobile devices! This feature helps to simplify your workload and eliminate manual processes, two things that can allow you to focus more on engaging and connecting with your new hires.

Virtual Communication and Feedback 

After a certain amount of time has passed (or after a designated probation period) it is customary to check in with your new hires and give them feedback or simply see how they are doing. New hires are especially vulnerable to getting sidetracked while they settle into their roles, and even more so when they are working remotely, so communicating with them and providing constructive feedback and praise is essential to keeping an engaged and motivated workforce.

Setting up regular meeting times for providing feedback will allow new hires to have dedicated milestones to work towards and discourage them from getting off track. Also, be accommodating to the delivery method in which the feedback is provided. Some people respond better via email, some via phone, and some via video; one-on-one is a more comfortable method for some whereas group sessions benefit others.

Times like these require a great amount of flexibility from both employees and employers alike, so make sure you are setting a good example.

Mindscope is committed to helping our customers thrive during this peculiar time so that business continues without a hitch and we all come out of this stronger than ever. Reach out to us today!

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