Case Study: Radius Staffing Solutions Using ATS Technology to Ride the COVID-19 Wave

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected nearly every professional realm, and the world of staffing and recruiting is no exception. Working from home has been the name of the game for many office workers, but when there aren’t typical structures in place, finding ways to stay productive is of the utmost importance. Many of us are still figuring it out as we go, but here are some things that can help make communicating and connecting with your customers a breeze.

Mindscope’s innovative applicant tracking system is designed to tackle all sorts of unique recruiting needs, with a plethora of customizable features that allow you to build a system that works best for your team. From the convenience of SMS texting to insightful and informative report generation tools, Mindscope offers a powerful platform for better serving more clients, even during these slower times. When COVID-19 doesn’t allow you to be physically close to your team, your clients or your candidates, Mindscope makes remote recruiting a reality.

Radius Staffing Solutions, a boutique permanent healthcare placement firm based in Davie, FL have set up shop in the comfort of their own homes in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. But, with the help of Mindscope’s applicant tracking software, they have excelled in their ability to serve their customer base and reach their 2020 goals.


Which features have you used the most during your time working remotely?

“Because Mindscope is cloud-based and works on any device, we have been able to operate the same as if we were still in the office. It’s really convenient!” – Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture

How has the Mindscope team supported you during this uncertain time?

“Even in the face of the pandemic, they have remained consistently available if we come across any Mindscope questions! There has been no disruption to your service, which is exactly the type of reliability we need right now” – Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment

Communicating with candidates and clients is essential during this time – do you feel Mindscope has helped you accomplish this?

“Yes, through our SMS text messaging technology we can reach people quickly and easily. And since Mindscope is a live database, we are all able to work remotely while the system is populating all notes. We don’t run the risk of reaching out to the same client or healthcare provider unknowing twice.” – Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture


What advice would you give to other recruiters trying to navigate this tricky time?

“Finding structure is the most important thing! This will help you find both success and sanity during these times. Finding a routine and rhythm that kicks your mind into high gear and taking on all the tasks that you have that day makes things so much easier.” – Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment

What is your favourite Mindscope ATS feature and why?

“Reports! Our KPIs are crucial right now, not only for business but for insight into how this pandemic is impacting the recruiting sector.” – Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture

Interested in learning more about recruiting’s most powerful reports? Our innovative Logi integration allows you to generate your own custom reports. This empowers you to specifically access the data that matters most to your business, so that you can recruiter better – click here to find out more.

How do you think your remote hiring practices would compare if you weren’t using an ATS?

“Without an internet based ATS in place, Radius’ productivity would be operating at low levels. We can’t even put into words how much data, tools, and notes are stored and distributed from Mindscope. We are grateful for the partnership with them because, as much as we can remember, it is true that the smallest pencil is still better than the best memory.” – Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment

Mindscope Staffing and Recruiting Software is committed to supporting customers – old and new – during the outbreak of COVID-19 by offering unique and flexible features that help them address their specific staffing needs. Reach out to us today see how we can help you thrive!

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