Mindscope’s New Partnership with EmployStream: Onboard Your Candidates Better and Faster

Mindscope now empowers its users to provide a sleek, modern and user-friendly onboarding experience for their candidates. In anticipation of the massive launch of our new UI/UX, we’re excited to offer customers the best onboarding platform on the market – AVAILABLE TODAY!

How does it work?

We’ve built an integration with the renowned EmployStream platform, a mobile-friendly onboarding and candidate engagement system. Mindscope’s partnership with their intuitive system empowers our users to qualify, hire and engage top talent quickly and more efficiently than before. Our mission is to help you hire 90% faster by eliminating common mistakes and delays that occur with paper and manual processes.

By offering a superior candidate experience through this new Mindscope feature, your talent can fill and submit forms with unparalleled ease. Since the platform prioritizes intuitiveness, your candidates won’t feel like they’re tasked with filling out never-ending forms.

No matter where they are or what device they use, your candidates can complete their onboarding package in record time. As for you, you’ll be spared from endless check-ins to see if their forms have been completed.

Why your candidates will love using EmployStream:

  • They receive a text message or email that will prompt them to log into a portal and fill out their forms (no fear of forgetting)
  • They can access and complete their onboarding forms from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • They can see how many forms they need to complete and track their progress in real-time

The platform was built to:

  • Drastically simplify your workload
  • Allow you to manage your entire hiring process on any device
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Assist you in finding and retaining quality candidates

Some of the world’s most renowned staffing firms rely on EmployStream for onboarding. Are you ready to get on board too? Contact us today to get started!