The #1 Reason Why You Need an ATS with Integrations

When choosing an applicant tracking system, there are plenty of factors to consider. On top of finding an ATS that can address and solve your business challenges, you have to find one that offers several ATS software integrations.

An ATS that offers few (or no) integrations will slow you down. It will result in a disjointed workflow and the need for multiple systems that don’t complement one another. You need a recruiting software that integrates seamlessly with other tools that you’re either already using or will require in the future (such as testing software).

Bonus if you find an ATS that doesn’t charge and arm and a leg for every integration added.  An ATS that’s rich with integrations provides you with added ease of use and dramatically increased productivity. Keep on reading to find out why having an ATS with plenty of integrations (without plenty of added costs) is hugely beneficial to you and your team:

You can work across several platforms within your Applicant Tracking System

ATS software integrations allows an applicant tracking system and a third-party software or app to work together in completing complex tasks.

For recruiters, this means that ATS software integrations allows you to complete tasks all within the applicant tracking system. Instead of having to switch back and forth through several programs (which leaves ample room for error and wasted time), an ATS rich with software integrations lets you complete your tasks in one platform. This is highly convenient, makes for drastically quicker employee training, and provides a user-friendly experience.

ATS software integrations simplify your workflow

Having an ATS that lacks in integrations makes your job more complicated than it should be. Imagine having to write and post job postings manually to several job boards. Think about what it’d be like to read and review hundreds of resumes to shortlist quality candidates.

ATS software integrations are what automates and simplifies these otherwise time-consuming processes. As a result, you have much more time to connect with your candidates and clients.

While some ATS companies claim to have certain tools built in (like complicated accounting functionality), the reality is that they’re often subpar compared to what’s possible when integrating with a company (like Quickbooks) who exists for that particular task.

Mindscope has plenty of ATS software integrations

We understand that recruiters have tons of tasks to finish every single day, so that’s why we offer a variety of integrations here at Mindscope. These are some of the most popular ATS integrations that our customers love:

1.Outlook Plug-In

Our highly robust Outlook Plug-In (OPI) lets you sync your inbound and outbound emails within your ATS system. The OPI automatically syncs your emails with the corresponding record within Mindscope so that you never lose track of your conversations.

The tool allows you to parse attachments like resumes (CVs) and cover letters straight to your ATS. You can even attach qualified candidates to job orders directly from Outlook. In short, this tool lets you complete several tasks without ever leaving your inbox.

2. Customized Job Board and Alerts

To offer a knockout candidate experience, you need to have a well-designed and user-friendly job board on your website. Since job seekers search for and apply to jobs online, you can’t afford to miss this step. At Mindscope, we offer a division called TopTalent Communications that can build and customize your API so that all of your jobs are posted instantly to your website.

Because of the close relationship between Mindscope and TopTalent, your job board is built in perfect sync with your ATS database. This is a unique feature that other ATS software companies are unable to offer at such optimal quality. You can even allow job seekers to sign up for job alerts to learn about opportunities that match their skills and interests.

3. Text Messaging

It’s now the norm for candidates to communicate with recruiters via text messages. Since text messages are read within five minutes of being sent and have a much higher reply rate than e-mails, it’s no wonder recruiters send texts to candidates. Texting is a great way to stay in touch with candidates, especially for quick follow-up questions and reminders.

With Mindscope’s text messaging integration, you can send and receive texts straight from your recruiting software. Since all of the texts that you send and receive are automatically tracked within the system, you’ll never lose sight of important information. We also offer the option for text messages to get sent to your work email so that you can respond to them ASAP throughout your work day.

That’s not all…

These are just some of the few integrations available in Mindscope. If you’d like to know what else we offer, book your free demo to see Mindscope in action.

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