Does Your New Recruiting Agency Need an ATS System?

It’s official—you just launched your new recruiting agency! Now with your business up and operating, it’s time to choose the right Applicant tracking Software to help you with your recruiting efforts. As a brand new business, you might ask yourself if you truly need to invest in an applicant tracking system. The short answer is yes (especially if you want to set yourself up for success in the long run). As you begin your search for the right software, you should consider a few factors before signing a contract:

  • Will you pay per user or a flat rate for a specific number of licenses that you require?
  • Does the ATS system integrate with a variety of job boards and social media sites?
  • Does it offer robust reporting and analytics?
  • What type of training and support is offered?

These are the types of questions that you should ask during your applicant tracking system demo. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn if the software is right for your needs. Take advantage of the time and address everything that you’d like to know.

As your agency grows and gets busier, having the right ATS in place will only make your life easier. Still contemplating on getting one? These reasons should help you reach a decision.

Parse thousands of resumes (CVs) in a snap with the right ATS system

With resume parsing, you don’t have to spend hours of your day on manual data entry. A well-equipped ATS system should allow you to parse a large amount of resumes at once. Here at Mindscope, you can parse up to 5,000 resumes with our built-in tool called PARIS. The tool scans the resume for key information such as the candidate’s name, skills and contact information. It takes all of this information and creates a candidate record within Mindscope. Our automatic duplicate checker is able to detect duplicate resumes, so you can maintain a clean database at all times.

Generate reports so you can see important data quickly

As you know, being in the recruitment business means you have to look at numbers and reports—especially when you’re running the business. Being able to generate reports on demand lets you see important information instantly.

This feature allows you to view information like the number of candidates you’ve placed, the number of job orders that’ve been opened in specific date ranges, which sales reps are performing best, your average time-to-hire per position, and much more. These reports provide you with a quick overview of the data that you’ve captured in the system, and help you strategize for future success.

Find candidates from several sources at once

In order to beat your competition, you’ve got to be able to find candidates for your jobs fast. Within Mindscope, you can search for candidates from various resume databases such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster and several more. You can specify different requirements such as skills, education and location to refine your results.

View the best-matched candidates for your job orders

Rather than having to start at the drawing board each time you open a new job order, you should have the ability to see a list of candidates whose skills match your job the best. With Mindscope, this is exactly what you can do when you open new job orders. Mindscope automatically generates the best-matched candidates for your jobs. In the list, the candidates who match the job requirements to the highest degree are shown at the top. This time-saving feature gives recruiters a great head start in the candidate search process.

Use your applicant tracking system to see where your efforts and money should be spent

Recruiting the best candidates out there requires you to be strategic. With that said, it’s smart to know where your efforts and money are working for you. Rather than spending your resources in areas that aren’t profitable, you should invest them in those that prove to be successful.

An ATS system should provide you with these valuable insights. It should enable you to see which job board brings in the most and the best candidates. Other important data to review include the number of interviews and placements that originated from any given source. With this information, you can feel confident that you’re making smart decisions based on data-backed insights.

Post job postings to multiple sources at once

Get your job postings published on several job boards at once through your ATS. Online job boards are one of the top channels that job seekers turn to when looking for new opportunities. Since people can look for jobs whenever and wherever they are, it’s no wonder they prefer to apply to them through online job boards. That’s why it’s important to have an ATS that integrates with leading job boards such as Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter. Mindscope also offers job board integrations with niche boards such as Dice.

Build and maintain a successful business with the right applicant tracking system

With your own business, you have the autonomy to choose the ATS system that you actually want to use. Like any other product or service, it’s wise to do your research and learn as much as you can about the ATS you’re eyeing. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your recruiting agency.

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