How to Ace Engaging and Recruiting New Graduates

In just a couple of months, the class of 2019 will be out of school and ready to enter the workforce. Do you know how to engage and recruit them effectively? Time is ticking, but it’s not too late to get out there and grow your candidate pipeline with your recruitment software before classes are officially over.

How to recruit new graduates

While new graduates may have little or no full-time work experience just yet, they’re full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. These traits aren’t ones to overlook as they can contribute to fresh perspectives and new ways of getting work done. Below, we’ll share the different methods you can try to engage and recruit this year’s university and college grads.

Attend a career fair on campus

Did you know that attending a career fair was the #1 method for job hunting for university students in 2018? According to this study, 32% of respondents attended a career fair. If you plan to attend a career fair, do some research beforehand to guarantee that you’re choosing the right one to maximize your time and effort. Narrow down the top universities that offer programs that align with the industries you specialize in. Once you’ve made a choice, assemble a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic recruiters to draw candidates to your booth.

Emphasize company culture and work perks

Graduates from this generation don’t want to commit to a job just for the money. They want to feel fully satisfied and fulfilled at their jobs, too. An EY study revealed that 66% of respondents said that job satisfaction and financial stability are equally important.

With this point in mind, make the company’s culture and environment one of your major focus points when speaking with potential candidates. Does the company offer flexible work hours or opportunities to learn or upgrade skills? This is information they want to know—and if you have photos and videos that show the company culture, that’s even better.

Connect with them with modern methods

Generation Z—which is the generation these grads fall under—spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. A study by Global News showed that 45.5% of generation Z spent three to six hours on their phones everyday. As a recruiter, it makes sense for you to try mobile recruiting approaches to connect with these candidates about their job hunt.

With a robust recruitment software such as Mindscope, you’ve got options to connect and track your communications with candidates. Need to send a text to a candidate about a job opportunity or update? Send one from your phone or within Mindscope. We offer options for recruiters to send and receive text messages and store them in the corresponding record. Get in touch with us if you’d like more information about this.

Share your expertise

Especially since they’ll just be starting their careers, new graduates will appreciate your insight on jobs and the workforce in general. Even if you speak with a grad who may not be the right match for your job, you can still prepare them for success and create a future ally. Share suggestions on how they can refine their resume, or give them useful interviewing tips. You’ll provide a valuable experience—and that candidate may be happy enough to recommend your services to their friends or reach out to you in the future for opportunities.

Remind yourself to reconnect with them with a recruitment software

If your favorite candidate accepted a different job offer, don’t fret. It doesn’t mean they’re off the table forever. In fact, 71% of recent college grads stay at their first job out of school for one year or less according to a study by Express Employment Professionals.

It’d be wise to keep this candidate on file in your recruitment software, and circle back to them periodically to see where they are in terms of their career. Mindscope’s task manager allows you to schedule activities in advance to be sure you never miss important communications! Refer to your notes, attachments and resumes in their candidate profile to reference details about their background and experience. A candidate’s needs and wants of a job change over time, especially for recent graduates.

Recruiters can influence a graduate’s decision to take a job

As you speak with these candidates, find out what they’re hoping for in their first real-world job and start from there. Remember, as a recruiter, you can play a big part on whether or not a new graduate decides to accept or reject a job offer. Be as energetic, helpful and responsive as you can to recruit this year’s grads.

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