5 Great Tools Your Staffing Agency Needs to be Productive

When you’re running a staffing agency, having a strong and productive team of recruiters is the key to securing your business’s success. However, beyond hiring the best people for your company, it’s critical to equip them with the right tools. In order to create a high-performing team, one of the first things you need to consider is a powerful staffing software.

With a multitude of apps and staffing software options out there, it can be hard to pinpoint which tools are worth investing in. To help, we’ve narrowed down 5 amazing tools and systems for staffing that will improve how your recruiters work and communicate with each other. Let’s get started!

1.  Slack – A communication platform that aligns your team

Slack is a cloud-based platform that allows your team to quickly and easily contact each other on any device. Users can message each other individually or within channels that are organized by a project or a team. Unlike email threads, users can join or leave a channel whenever they want.

Slack helps keep everyone up-to-date on projects and company happenings. Users can send documents, share screens and have video calls on the platform. It’s a valuable staffing tool for recruiters to use in order to stay connected with their team whenever they’re on-the-go.

2. Grammarly – A browser add-on that catches grammatical errors online

It’s important for your recruiting team to be able to write professional quality emails, since they’re constantly communicating on behalf of your company. In addition, job postings riddled with typos and grammatical errors are bound to steer away candidates.

Recruiters can feel more confident in their written communications with Grammarly, a handy browser add-on. Grammarly checks and corrects grammatical errors in your online communications like emails, job postings and social media posts. Grammarly helps recruiters avoid writing mistakes that could potentially turn away important contacts.

3. Staffing Software – A must-have tool for staffing agencies that want to drastically increase productivity and place more top talent

There are a ton of moving parts to your business – a reality that will only increase as you grow. Given this fact, a reliable staffing software is a must-have tool for any modern staffing agency to be successful. From communicating with prospects, to parsing job orders, searching for candidates and posting jobs…there’s no shortage of important documents and information to maintain, and the right staffing software can facilitate it all.

In order to properly manage and easily access critical data, staffing agencies must invest in robust software. There are many options to choose from, so seek out a system that will provide your recruiters with access to features and integrations that will help them perform their day-to-day job – think task manager, scheduler, payroll integration, resume builder and more.

They should be empowered to source candidates from within the system and across multiple job boards. Recruiters should be able to easily upload and store important documents, and generate reports whenever they want or need to.

Mindscope staffing software offers all of this and much more—don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like more information.

4. Shazaam – A browser add-on that captures online candidate profiles to your applicant tracking system

Shazaam by Mindscope helps your recruiters save heaps of time on manual data entry. Mindscope created Shazaam, a Google Chrome browser add-on, so that recruiters can grow their talent pool quickly and easily. Shazaam lets your team instantly capture online candidate profiles in a single click. Simply navigate to your favorite source for candidates, then highlight the desired information and click the Shazaam button.

Rather than entering candidate details by hand, your team can use this tool to save ample amounts of time. Empower your recruiters with time to excel in their roles rather than enter data!

5. Scannable – An app that lets you scan paper documents to your iPhone

If you need to e-mail a copy of a paper document ASAP, Scannable is a great app to consider. This app lets you transform paper documents into high-quality scans on your iPhone. To use the app, open your phone camera and photograph the document. Scannable takes that image and transforms the document into a digitized version. Once you review the document, you can save and/or email it.

It’s a convenient app to use if you ever have to send a copy of an important document to a candidate or client right away. Plus, Scannable is a good alternative if you’re experiencing pesky technical difficulties with your office printer.

Invest in the best tools and staffing software for your team

In order to increase the productivity and success of your business and team, sometimes it’s necessary to invest in the right tools and software. Since all 5 of these apps and tools are easy to navigate, they’re bound to help your recruiters work better and fast every day.

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