The Staffing Software Features Growing Agencies Can’t Live Without

For staffing agencies to thrive in 2019 and beyond, at a minimum they must provide tools to help their recruiters work efficiently and productively. Among these, the first consideration should be a robust staffing software.

Ideally, you should have a staffing software that’s capable of adapting to your business’s changing needs. Theoretically, you’re going to want your team to grow so you need systems in place to support that. You should have features and tools that simplify the process of sourcing an increasing number of new, hard-to-find candidates. A staffing software that addresses these areas is critical—especially for growing agencies in today’s candidate-driven market.

As your agency continues to grow, you might encounter some road bumps that stall productivity throughout the day. We’ll talk about some of the common roadblocks recruiters and agencies face, and the staffing software features that can help solve them.

1. Too much time spent scouring for candidates who fit specified time frames

If the job you’re working on has specific start and end dates, you need to find the right candidate quickly and ensure their availability matches the role’s requirements. Doing this manually takes far too long—you would be forced to check-in with every single candidate to find out their schedule before even beginning the next steps. This is where a robust staffing software comes in!

With Mindscope, you can search our database to see which candidates are available for given time slots. All you have to do is enter the position’s scheduling details. This handy feature empowers you to see who’s free to work for specific shifts or roles based on their current placements.

You can then contact these candidates to see if they’re interested in your job (bonus: bulk text them with the ATS to save even more time). This easy-to-use tool drastically increases productivity by saving users countless hours that would otherwise be spent sifting through candidate profiles and emails.

2. Manually entering candidate information into your staffing software – constantly!

Imagine you stumble upon an amazing candidate profile online…you want to capture their information in your staffing software so they stay on your radar. The problem is, you don’t have their resume and it takes too much valuable time to manually enter all the necessary details available online. The idea of entering the profiles of top candidates by hand every time makes you shudder.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can quickly capture a candidate’s profile with Shazaam, a Google Chrome browser add-on created by Mindscope. All you have to do is highlight the candidate’s information and then select the Shazaam icon in your browser.

After you preview and confirm the information is correct, that candidate’s profile is immediately generated in your Mindscope database and opened as a tab for review. Shazaam enables you to grow your talent pool in just a couple of clicks, which is a major asset to any growing staffing agency.

3. Find a method to the madness…keep hundreds of jobs and details organized

In a busy staffing agency when you’re juggling multiple job orders at once, you need to stay organized and responsive to all communications. Once one of your recruiters makes a placement, it’s important that you’re immediately informed with a summary of the role’s details and the candidate who was chosen.

Instead of requiring your recruiter to manually write these details, then going back and forth with you to provide the exact information you need, you can set up automatic placement cards. These cards will be instantly sent via email once a placement has been registered in Mindscope.

The placement email will have a PDF file that outlines details of the filled role such as: the job order ID, client, candidate and placement dates. All you have to do is select your desired information and decide who will receive the placement card email(s). By planning and scheduling these tasks ahead, your recruiters can continue to focus on closing more deals.

4. Keeping track of the hours employees have worked

It’s quite common for recruiters to ask and remind employees to submit their timesheets. Especially with employees who work more than one job, it gets tricky to precisely track the hours an employee has worked.

With Mindscope’s TimeTrack app, hourly employees can clock-in and out of their shifts on their mobile phones. With the app, employees can see placement information like the job’s role and location so they know where they have to be.

Once they’re on-site, employees can simply open the app and tap a button to clock-in. Their hours automatically flow back to your software so you know the exact number of hours an employee has worked. TimeTrack by Mindscope eliminates the need for recruiters to constantly reach out to employees about filling out and submitting their timesheets.

Be Selective

When choosing a staffing software, pick one that’s capable of accommodating your agency’s growing needs. While a software that has a few key features may be sufficient for a small team, your requirements will inevitably change once your business grows.

If you’d like to know how Mindscope can provide the right recruiting software for your staffing agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.