5 Undeniable Signs You Need a New ATS Software

Every year, people make New Year resolutions to achieve new goals or improve their lifestyle. However, New Year resolutions don’t have to be limited to just your personal life; they can be related to your career, too. After all, it never hurts to continue to improve on your skills and processes at work.

It’s been proven that working with outdated or inefficient technology results in loss of productivity. Due to a software’s shortfalls, employees may start developing their own methods to finish day-to-day tasks. Does this sound familiar to you? If you find that your ATS software gives you more trouble than benefits, it might be time for you to start looking around for a new one. These are 5 signs that it’s time for you to get a new ATS software.

You’re limited to a few features

If you find yourself creating your own forms and manually tracking every interaction with a candidate rather than letting your software do it, it may be time for you to research new options. A staffing and recruiting software with limited features may be just enough for small recruiting firms. However, when your team grows, your business needs inevitably change. Users will need the ability to use advanced ATS features and tools.  Your ATS software needs to be able to accommodate these business needs, no matter how large your team grows.

You’re always entering information manually

Recruiters shouldn’t spend hours working on administrative tasks like data entry. The point of using an ATS software is that it can quickly read and enter large amounts of information into your database so you can save time. Instead of re-entering information over and over again, your ATS should let you copy candidate or client information over from one spot to another.

For example, let’s say you’ve lined up a potential job order with a client. You’d enter the details of that opportunity, such as job title, salary requirements and your commission. Once that opportunity becomes active, your ATS software should let you easily convert that opportunity into an actual job order with a click of a button. With Mindscope, that’s exactly what you can do. This feature allows users to save time on manual data entry and lets them get to work right away.

Your current ATS software offers little or poor customer support

If there’s ever a time you need technical support, you should be able to contact the ATS software’s support team easily. Nothing is more frustrating when you’ve got a pressing question to ask, but no one’s available to answer your phone calls or e-mails. If you find that you’re often left in the dark in terms of technical support, it’s a strong sign that you should look for a new ATS system to use.

We understand that time is critical for recruiters—we’re proud to offer exceptional customer support, whenever our users need it. We’ve got a highly knowledgeable and friendly support team, so you can be confident you’re speaking with actual people and not just another chat bot. Learn more about the Mindscope team.

Your current software’s keyword matching technology misses qualified candidates

Before today’s advanced technology, applicant tracking systems wouldn’t shortlist candidates if their resumes didn’t contain the exact keywords that matched a job’s requirements. This means that qualified candidates wouldn’t even be on a recruiter’s radar. Today, artificial intelligence and natural language processing within modern ATS systems help recruiters find relevant candidates.

Instead of scoring candidates on the keywords in their resume, a modern staffing and recruiting software ranks candidates against the job’s description and requirements. The candidate’s skills, qualifications and availability for work are taken into consideration. In Mindscope, our Candidate Match List shows you the best matched candidates for a job along with their match percentage.  If your software doesn’t do this, it’s definitely time to get a new one before you miss out on more top talent.

You don’t know where your candidates are applying from

How can you really measure a job posting’s success and ROI if you don’t know which sources candidates are applying from? You might be surprised to know that not all applicant tracking systems offer a breakdown of where candidates apply from. This lack of information would be a major information gap for most recruiters. With several job boards and social media networks to advertise your jobs, it’s highly beneficial for you to know exactly which sources attract the best candidates.

Choose the Right Staffing Software to Guarantee Success This Year

As you step into 2019, you and your colleagues most likely have company goals you’re working to achieve…so why not ensure your success by using a modern and intuitive staffing software?