The 5 Recruiting Tools That Dominated 2018

With the New Year around the corner, there’s no better time to review the most popular recruiting trends of 2018. Recruiters and industry leaders discussed and took action on these trends—did you?

This year, we witnessed a huge surge in AI recruitment tools, as well as a stronger focus on employee well-being and happiness. You’ll be shocked at the other three most popular trends that dominated the workplace and recruiting space this year! Read on to find out what they were…

The Rise of AI Recruitment Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workforce was certainly a major topic of discussion this year. Specifically within the staffing and recruiting industry, different AI recruitment tools have cropped up to make the recruiting life cycle even smoother. From actual robots who can interview candidates to chat bots that respond to questions from candidates, we’ve seen a lot of advancement in the use of AI in the recruiting industry.

A report by Linkedin showed that recruiters and hiring managers around the world feel that AI has a positive impact on their day-to-day. They said that AI helps them:

  • Save time (67%)
  • Remove human bias (43%)
  • Deliver the best candidate matches (31%)
  • Source candidates (58%)
  • Screen candidates (56%)
  • Nurture candidates (55%)

At Mindscope, we’ve harnessed the powerful capabilities of AI to provide features and tools that allow our customers to work smarter and faster. Here is just one way we’ve incorporated AI into our customers working lives:

Each time a recruiter parses a job order into their database, Mindscope allows them to instantly run a ‘candidate match’ that automatically generates a list of candidates who fit the job’s requirements. This AI recruitment tool will consider skills, qualifications, and availability among other variables. It will then present recruiters with a neatly organized list, featuring the best candidates at the top of the list (detailed with a match percentage).

A Focus on Enhancing the Employer Brand

Since it’s the norm for job seekers to conduct their search online, employers have begun to understand the importance of having a top-notch employer brand. Surveys have shown that out of 100,000 surveyed candidates, 64% of them find that career pages are the most valuable resource when researching a company.

On top of that, savvy job seekers look for reviews on sites like Glassdoor to see what past and current employees are saying about the company. In fact, 50% of job seekers in the U.S read workplace reviews from Glassdoor to understand a workplace’s environment and working conditions before they even apply to the job.

Since candidates make sure to do their homework before applying to jobs, it’s critical that companies position themselves in a way that favors them. A strong and thought-out careers page is bound to leave a positive impression on quality job seekers.

So what does this mean for you? In 2019, turn your focus to building an attractive careers page that shares company values, initiatives and eye-catching media. To truly reel in candidates, update your company’s job board pages so that job seekers can easily find and apply to your openings, or request to be notified when new positions open up. With Mindscope, users can post jobs directly to their website through the system then track its success with our robust reporting tools. Contact us for consultation on your web service API.

A Massive Growth in Co-Working Spaces

Did you know that there are currently 14,411 co-working spaces around the world? Though they’ve been around since 2005, co-working spaces have experienced an explosive growth in the past couple of years. In this year alone, there are now 638,000 co-working members in the U.S.

This surge of co-working spaces signals the growing number of people who work remotely, run their own business or are freelancing. Co-working spaces have all of the necessities found in traditional offices. Some of the reasons why these spaces are so popular is because they offer members an affordable, productive workspace and a chance to network with other professionals.

An Increase in Social and Mobile Recruiting

Recruiters had to adapt to the changing landscape of searching for and connecting with candidates. This means they had to go to where many of these candidates hang out—on social media. Recruiters that shared content and job posts on social media to catch the attention of seekers, and/or ran ads for job postings on different platforms were a step ahead of their competition this year.

Top applicant tracking systems provide recruiters social media integrations that allow for automatic job postings, social media job applications, as well as reporting on the different platforms…all through one software! At Mindscope, we also understand that in today’s fast-paced world, recruiters need to recruit on-the-go. We offer our customers access to SMS text messaging through the system, and integrations like WhatsApp and Viber so they can connect with their contacts however they’d like.

Employee Well-Being Has Become a Priority

It’s well-known that stressed or unhappy employees are more likely to leave their jobs. A report revealed that 87% of HR leaders consider employee retention a primary concern. Companies have implemented employee wellness programs to improve employee retention, health and engagement.

These well-being programs allow employees to work remotely, have flexible hours or engage in fitness programs to increase their physical activity. The corporate wellness market has now reached $8 billion in the U.S, and is expected to grow as these programs have shown to improve employee engagement and retention.

What trends do you think we’ll see in 2019? Let us know in the comments below, or share your thoughts with us on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.