Recruiters: All aboard the Recruiting Technology Train

From the Internet of Things to Big Data and the Cloud, technology has progressed significantly in the last decade. Advancements are showing no sign of deceleration, and it’s important that the recruitment industry keeps up. According to a research report published by Indeed Hiring Lab, over 50% of Baby Boomers conduct job searches via the web. In addition, nearly 75% of Millennials and 71% of Gen-Xers search for jobs on a mobile device.

As a result of new candidate search methods and technology’s continued evolution, applicant tracking software (ATS) will play an increasingly vital role in the way organizations approach the hiring process and recruit top talent. Recruitment is no longer a ‘hard-copy’ industry. The complexity of the current job market causes recruiter inboxes to be flooded by a drove of applications for advertised positions.

Organizing hundreds of candidates is challenging and time consuming to say the least, so many companies are now relying on recruiting technology to help streamline operations.  Agencies that modernize their business practices will allow their recruiting process to be more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible to applicants.

Budget is still a primary concern for most companies when it comes to adopting an applicant tracking system. However, a 2014 poll conducted by Software Advice revealed that “93% of recruiters feel their recruiting software and technology is either ‘extremely’ or ‘very beneficial’ compared to the costs.” Key findings of this report also determined that 89% of recruiters found technology to be either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ important for performing their jobs well.

For staffing agencies, recruiting and executive search firms, consulting firms and more, harnessing the capabilities of an intuitive ATS can substantially improve workflow efficiencies. Top-of-the-line systems, such as Mindscope, offer easy access, better integration, customization and modification in order to meet company specific requirements and enhance productivity.

Embracing new technologies allows businesses to empower their employees, leading them to perform at optimal standards. By adopting a secure high-end applicant tracking software, recruiters have the opportunity to increase productivity, streamline workflow, lower the average cost per placement, and remain on the forefront of the industry.