Applicant Tracking System & Recruiting CRM

Mindscope gives recruiters robust front and back-office functionality that empowers them to make more placements, faster. Mindscope's solutions enable you to stay ahead of staffing and recruiting requirements with powerful tools and intuitive features. With our staffing software at their fingertips, recruiters have all the tools they need to improve workflows and streamline recruitment processes.

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Simplicity is the
Ultimate Sophistication

Power and usability should not be mutually exclusive.
Experience the difference with an end-to-end staffing and recruitment software that makes hiring easy.
Recruitment agencies want to help companies find the best people to fit critical roles, and they need the right support. With Mindscope, recruiters can keep hiring straightforward and efficient while maximizing their recruiting success.

Benefits of Our CRM Applicant Tracking System

When you choose Mindscope's staffing database software to support your requirements, you can expect ongoing support and optimized performance capabilities. Our software makes recruiting and staffing processes more accessible and efficient while letting recruitment agencies tailor their approach to their industry and unique clients.

Partner with Mindscope and leverage key advantages like these:

  • Efficiency: Mindscope's staffing and recruitment software solution helps staffing agencies optimize productivity on the job, providing intuitive features to help find candidates, track applicants and manage staffing processes.
  • Faster onboarding: With Mindscope's end-to-end solution, recruiters can facilitate speedier onboarding and get new employees established on the job sooner.
  • Better retention: Improve retention with the tools and resources to find excellent matches for company positions and support ongoing growth.
  • Automation: With seamless automation, reduce time-consuming manual processes and streamline staffing and recruiting requirements.

Why Choose Mindscope

At Mindscope, we're committed to supporting our clients with fast, easy software capabilities that optimize recruitment. From the beginning of the recruitment process to onboarding, our solutions help you find the right people for the job every time. With customizable workflows, OPI integration, resume builder capabilities and a range of other features, our recruiting staffing software equips staffing businesses to streamline their processes and get complete visibility across the hiring cycle.

We cater to all types of staffing agencies, and you can trust us to offer the highest quality solutions at competitive prices. The Mindscope team is also available to help you every step of the way throughout the process. Make us your partner for outstanding user-friendly and customized software that meets your specific needs.

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Front and Back
Office Features

Recruiters juggle thousands of moving pieces on a daily basis, without including technology in the mix. Streamlining your operations with an all-in-one ATS and recruiting CRM with full front and back-office functionality can be the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead. From sourcing to payroll, Mindscope’s end-to-end staffing and recruitment software sets your business on the path to improved productivity and increased profits!

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Recruiting CRM

Mindscope’s recruiting CRM system offers functionality that far surpasses the intelligent storage of client, client contact and job order data. Beyond managing lead and customer information from anywhere, our fully integrated CRM allows you to parse and build prospecting lists, track opportunities, generate detailed, real-time reports on sales reps’ activities and much more!

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Mindscope is cloud-based (with the option to self-host), browser agnostic and works on any device. We remain at the forefront of the industry by continually investing in development and releasing next generation functionality for our customers.

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Implementation, Training & Support

We understand that choosing a staffing and recruitment software is embarking on a partnership so we’re there every step of the way. From custom implementation, to data-conversions and in-person training, we’re proud to do things differently!

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Remote Recruiting

Managing remote teams can present many challenges, but with our staffing and recruitment software you’ll never have to worry about productivity sliding ever again. Mindscope’s Remote Recruiting Dashboard offers detailed real-time insights into how and when your employees are interacting with the system. Want to know what time your recruiters logged in and how much idle time they spent? How about the number of calls they made, interviews they scheduled and more? Now you can!

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